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Well. The Revengers are still alive...and I thought Lord Mar-Vell had killed Scarlet Witch during issue 5 of the Thanos Imperative?

Nothing stays dead in the Cancerverse, hence the point of the universe. Mar-Vell and the Great Old Ones were defeated by Death, so it's reasonable to assume that their mastery over death faltered when 616-Death made her appearance. And once she left, the lack of a death entity probably allowed everyone to revive again. You can use "because reasons" for everything else.

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I have to say since Throne of Atlantis and onwards this book really got better.

The Forever Evil tie ins were great, giving us insight and doing world-building for the general DCU. The Metal Men origin was plain gorgeous from all perspectives and now Luthor brings a new dynamic on the team.

I am actually surprised Superman is still a member since Johns said he will quit. But this cover tells as otherwise...mmm maybe now that he is writing Superman he wants him in the League for future crossovers, who knows? Still I think JL is in another league since when Jim Lee was doing the art.

I have to agree. When he's not world building, Johns knows how to captivate.

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This will be a hard fight until Danny gets tired of it and hits Batman with a kamehameha. As soon as he starts to feel threatened and starts to amp himself up, Iron Fist will take it. And since he'd be fighting Batman, it wouldn't take long for him to feel threatened.

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That's one of the best Spidey designs I've seen in years.

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Wasn't Wasp asian? Or was that just in the Ultimate Universe?

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Am I not allowed to call this stupid?

I can understand your viewpoint--assuming one of the multitude of reasons I think are guiding your judgement are correct--and no, there's nothing wrong with calling this stupid.

I also assume that you're fine with the concept of the issue but would rather not have real-world people the focus of a comic book.

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Thor isn't going to lose his strength; he's going to run around with a battle axe.

Anyway, there's no need to retcon what Dr. Strange did because Thor died in Fear Itself. I'm sure after that, his life force ceased being tied into anything since he had no life force anymore until he escaped the Demogorge.

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If Beta Ray Bill became as strong as Thor by wielding his hammer, why shouldn't she?

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He has enhanced brain capabilities, that's it. His brain works and processes faster than what is humanly possible, and that's how people should look at it instead of relying on the whole brain capacity thing.

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Mera looks like she got her wardrobe ideas from Street Fighter Alpha.