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This fight needs more X-Men, severely.

She held off the Wildcats and pwnt Majestic in her first issue.  I'm even willing to bet her sword could cut Adamantium.

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Wolverine wears a mask and gloves, though.  From everything I've seen from Sauron (which isn't a lot, admittedly), he touches skin to absorb life force.  Going in character, Superman, bare hands and all, is going to start off the confrontation by touching Sauron, either with a flying double punch, or by sneaking up on him and chucking him out of the way.  Stuff like that will work against Superman.

I'm not even saying Superman would lose here, just trying to bring up some points.

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Gladiator isn't fighting Supergirl, anyway.  I was just using the feats creator used for Supergirl and applied them to Power Girl.

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Judomaster's whole shtick is that she can't be hit.  Unless X-23 could outlast her, which some might consider unlikely considering how many blows to the head she'd receive, then Judomaster would take it.

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@the creator

Supergirl may have been able to take those punches from Reactron, but Supergirl has regularly been shown to be stronger and faster than Power Girl, even if all of her feats have been inconsistent with one another, so I doubt Karen would be able to take those punches from Reactron like Kara did, nor do I think Power Girl would've remained conscious after that star explosion move Reactron pulled on Supergirl in his first appearance.
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@Dex said:
" @ThanosIsMad: Like I said if it was raining and Herc was on team 2 this would be a sweet fight "

Thor one shotted Namor in the rain before.
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@Zoom said:
" It isn't PIS if it happens every time.If a guy loses to Gambit and Corsair, fails to take down Cannonball or Captain America, allows Vulcan to kill half his team and can't even beat Black is that all PIS?He's just not that powerful. "

So you're telling me that a guy who can exchange blows with the likes of Thor and Hulk and can lift up a building, and then loses to people the likes of Cannonball, isn't PIS because it happened more than once? 

It doesn't matter if it happened once or three times, according to his stats, he should not have lost.  And the only reason he did lose was because of PIS.
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PIS, as I said the first time.  Do you really think that if that issue didn't revolve around Cannonball, his little invulnerability field would've taken a blow from Gladiator?  Kallark jobs according to the needs of the plot.

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@Zoom said:
" @ThanosIsMad said:
"Batman has beaten Superman."
With Kryptonite.What's Gladiator's excuse? "

Thanks for taking the statement out of context.  As I said when I mentioned it in the post, it was PIS.  No way in hell Batman would've gotten close enough for that tiny piece of Kryptonite to be of any use.  Case in point is when Superman demolished Batman when he was brainwashed by Maxwell Lord.
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Forerunner took out a JLA on her own, if I remember correctly.  I barely remember most of Countdown, due to the suckage.