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I don't see how Power Girl takes this fight.  Gladiator is pretty much on Superman's level with hundreds of years of experience. 

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Gohan takes it.  His power even exceeded Goku at SSJ3 at that point.  And Conner never handled energy attacks all that well, anyway.

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I edited my above post.  Namor at his weakest is 85 tons.

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Either fight isn't easy.  In the JLA/Avengers crossover (the recent, canon one), Batman said that Captain America would eventually beat him after a long ass fight.  Considering the usual "replacement characters being nowhere as skilled as the original" Bucky and Dick's skills would level out similar to Bruce and Steve's.  Though I do see Dick edging out Bucky, simply because he's the most agile person in this fight and could outmaneuver Bucky to secure a win.

With Steve barely sliding past Bruce and Dick managing to get past Bucky, it'd be Dick vs Rogers, and Grayson isn't getting past the first Cap.  This is, of course, if Bucky can't get past Grayson's agility.  Assuming he should, then both Rogers and Barnes dispatch their opponents at roughly the same time, winning the fight by a hair.

Round two with prep, the fight could go either way.  But honestly, I don't see prep doing much in the second fight.  Sure, the Batmen could bring gadgets, but I doubt they'll really come into play in this fight, just like I don't see the shields being used much.

This would be a solid hand to hand scrap.

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@goldenkey said:

sylar all the way.  healing factor, telekenisis, shapeshifting, the ability to fix a watch, tell when one is lying. come on now.


And he's still slower than a precognitive, bloodlusted Spider-Man who'll no longer be pulling punches.
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The Authority's deadliness lies in their teamwork.  Mr. Majestic could solo the entire team one on one, but even he said he didn't want to deal with them all simultaneously.

This would be a good fight, though, especially if Xavier can mess with Midnighter's ability to predict movements.  But considering he couldn't read Joker during the Dreamwar crossover, I say there's a possibility.

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i see Spider-Man taking this, especially with the Symbiote.

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@Immortal13 said:
" Mystique, she can reshape her organs after getting shot to heal herself and she is an excellent fighter be it with guns or H2H. "
Just because she has a healing factor doesn't mean she won't get her ass handed to her.
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Grundy is at a different strength level every time he resurrects anyway.  One day, Robin could kick his ass in a fist fight, and the next, the entire JSA struggle to bring him down.

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Iceman stomps.  A fairer fight would've been Ice vs Iceman, but Bobby would've won that, too.