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@zi721 said:
" Well The One Above-All and Living Tribunal are more or less a given, I meant besides. What about a full-fed Galactus? Or Phoenix? "

Galactus, probably.  Phoenix, definitely. 
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Living Tribunal I would guess.  There's only one in the multiverse, and he appears in all simultaneously. 

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@Morpheus_ said:
" @ThanosIsMad said:
" Wow, you need some reading comprehension. "

There was nothing disrespectful in my post, unlike yours...You cited two different things in your post: a known fact, and your generalized view
on a subject. While I was quite clear in my post (Storm is far from being A class, in terms of power) you posted your point of view, combined and mixed with the character's popularity in real life as a proper justification...Which was absolutely irrelevant, and pointless regarding to my statement, since I was referring to her actual powers not being A class level, not her character not being A class in general...And then you resorted to insulting me...Thanos is mad, indeed. "

I never used the character's popularity as justification.  It was an additive, to be taken it as it is or left it as it is.

And regardless of that, I don't see how someone who's power over weather is so great, they can use it to move faster than fighter jets and to teleport is not an "A Class."  In comparison of the majority of super hero characters, Storm is ridiculous.  It's like saying that because Thor shattered a mountain chain in one blow instead of knocking a moon into a sun like Superman (by the way, this is just an example, not a factual feat), he's not A Class when both feats are ridiculous in comparison to what most comic book characters can do.  It's illogical.

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What's Cable's level of power?

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The team would eventually take it.  Cyclops, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, and Batman would be able to come up with a plan while they're all being smacked around.  Eventually, they contain him and knock him unconscious.

And since stipulations say Alucard is toying with them, they could probably manage to pull it off with only a few members being knocked out cold, specifically Pixie.

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Wow, you need some reading comprehension.

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@Morpheus_ said:
" @VIZION2010 said:
" Wow you guys are so quick to count storm out, lol. First off  I need somone to prove that he can blitz storm sence there is ive seen no proof he can move that fast, 2nd I needs somone to prove that she wont crush his armer with her winds " remeber she has crushed warships and tanks", flash freeze him or  hit with a barage of lighting etc. The only thing strom has  to wory about is his hammer in which is almost invunerable, he also has long ranged attacks which will become a problem as well, On that  basis of his hammer and his long range weaponry that makes me undecided. U shoudnt count out an A  class hero just becuz they have a lot of fans, becuz thats  what im seeing. Anyways can anyone  prove he is fast enogh to blitz her, and can anyone prove his hammer wont get struck down by lighting or an electrical strom will not affect him in anyway. If somone can prove any of the thoughs then I will happly concede becuz i Iove both characters so im in a win win situaton here lamo : ) "

Storm is far from being A class, in terms of power. And I don't see why anyone should prove Earth is round.
How is she not A Class?  She's one of the most powerful people on her Earth for starters, and in real world terms, she's insanely popular.
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@Static Shock said:
" Nanomachines don't regenerate limbs, homie. If Vamp's head comes off, he dies.

OK. I have something better than that. We already know Wolvie is a capable bullet dodger. But I guess telling you that moving faster than the human eye can follow, faster than the human brain can comprehend, and fast enough to be a blur, seemingly disappear, and make after-images isn't enough is it? Here's some proof first hand.

Wolvie and X-23 are fast enough to make after images. When has Vamp done that? Tell me.


They're not leaving after-images.  That's an artist rendition of movement so we, the viewer, can see what actions were taken place.  Stuff like that goes on all the time in Spider-Man books when he does flips, but he's not flipping so fast that he leaves after-images.

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@Kal'smahboi said:
" @Nobody said:
" @Kal'smahboi said:
" Batman already has the perfect plan to beat Captain America (assuming he know's of his existence). "
no "
no what? "
Batman loses to Captain America, regardless.  Read JLA/Avengers, which is still canon to the DCU, hence the Krona egg in the JLA books and Trinity.  Batman stated that Captain America would beat him in a fight.
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The Trinity.  Iron Man is no match for Wonder Woman, leaving Thor to take on her and Superman simultaneously.  That's a fight he'll lose.  Captain America edges out against Batman, leaving him to deal with Superman and Wonder Woman.  Cap loses that fight, especially with how fatigued he'd be after fighting Batman.