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That doesn't mean much if there's two Phoenixes in the lineup.
But none of that really matters because we don't even know which X-Men are in this fight.  And if it's all of the X-Men who have ever been on the team, then there's no way in hell Superman would get through all of them.

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@Gambler said:
" None of them can react to Superman's speed. Without CIS to hold Sups back he could, and would take out the X-Men before they could react. "
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@DC_Marvel_1000 said:
" @AtPhantom said:
"Define X-Men. "
lol at what hope do they ave :P "
If they have Jean, Rachel, Emma, Psylocke, and Professor X as part of the lineup, they have plenty of chances.  Bishop and Strong Guy, too.
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@Dynoblaze said:
" Magneto wins. He's beaten her in the past and he could just give her another stroke like in New X-men (and she was Phoenix Powered at that time). Also, his helmet protects him from mental attacks. If it's just the pure Phoenix Force (without host) however he loses.  "
Jean is pure Phoenix Force.  As soon as it touched Jean, they became the same entity.  An unrestricted Jean is your pure Phoenix. 
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@geometry said:
" Wait a minute, I'm sorry to side track this thread, but how can someone imply that the dead of centuries past are equal to living of the here and now? That's quite baffling, so if either of you care to clear that up, it would be much appreciated. "
The Phoenix is the embodiment of life in the present and future.  In fact, you could techically say that the Phoenix has sway over death, too, since it continuously kills off future generations.  And since there's always a future, there's always life (and technically death) to draw from, which is far beyond the amount of death from the past.
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Emma did kick Rachel Grey's ass on the Astral Plane, and Rachel had the Phoenix Force.
I don't think this is a stomp in either regard, unless Emma turns into a diamond as stated above.  She's immune to telepathy in that form, and then she could just pound Saturn Girl until she passed out.

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If Mr. Majestic could defeat the Authority, he would've done it already.  I'm pretty sure their antics over the years have given him more than enough reason to go and take them out.  Individually, most of the Authority would be bitch smacked to oblivion.  As a team, the Authority would kick his ass.

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@bumnut said:
" Fair enough. To be fair, i've only just started watching it a few months ago and only up to DBZ Season 7, so haven't gotten to GT yet, but I was under the assumption that everyone was older, and more powerfull, as were the enemies, which Omega Shenron is suppose to be the strongest villain. "
It's like power levels got retconned to the extreme. 
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Wolverine and Daken.  Daken uses his pheromone powers and screws up Sabretooth's perceptions, and then the father/son team rip him to shreds.

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@JThree47693 said:
" @Venom-Hulker_1: Dont think his durabitlity is better than Supes. Strength wise, he doesnt start out being stronger than Superman. His strength rises with his anger, if Supes can take him out before he gets extremely pissed, then, well, you get it. Dont know how swords or guns or battleaxes would give him a win. Bulletas bounce off of Supes, swords and battle axes will break on contact. Hulk does have very good reflexes, but I still dont think he can take out Superman. "
If it's in character, Hulk can take him.  Superman doesn't use super speed or super fast reflexes in combat often, and he rarely one hits people.  A fight with Hulk would last long enough for Hulk's rage to put him on Superman's level.
Anyway, Thor, Sentry, and Herc take this.  Individually, they're within Superman's strength level and those solo fights could go either way, but Superman isn't taking on all three at once.