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Is this based on the universe created via Flashpoint Paradox? That's the vibe I'm getting.

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Wait, didn't Roma and the blonde whatsherface (forgot her name) die a few years back with Sage taking Roma's place? Or did Marvel forget about that?

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@arthurkerr said:

lets see Hyperion is a ripoff and should go away and um Superman is the real deal.

Plus really with a name like Hyperion is like a child that should be on some kind of meds.

How you could possibly take a name like that and say hmmmmm super hero is a joke.

So anyone with super strength, speed, flight & invulnerability is a rip off of Superman? He's the only one who can have those powers? Everytime a character comes out & he's strong & can fly he's automatically a superman clone or a rip off

Hyperion is literally a Superman analog though. . He first appeared as part of the Squadron Sinister with other characters similarly based off of the Justice League, and then they've created various versions from alternate universes ever since. He has a similar origin as Superman and he has the same exact power set and they both draw their powers from the sun and are harmed by some random radiation.

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What's wraith powers?

Same powers as Superman, though his longer lifespan has given him more mastery over his powers. He can see spectrums (x-ray vision, night vision kind of stuff) that Superman can't, and he can manipulate his body's EM field to do things like replicate Kryptonite radiation. But pretty much, he's essentially like a Kryptonian. He gets powers from the sun and is even harmed by a a certain radiation type that acts like his own Kryptonite.

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First I'm even hearing of the mini. Does it pay homage to the old Ninja Turtles game? Playing off my nostalgia is an easy way to get me to look at it.

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@saint_wildcard said:

@smashbrawler said:

What the hell are you people talking about? Of course Superman needs to breathe, he has since almost 30 years ago.

IIRC, Supergirl after only a few minutes of absorbing sun didn't need to breathe.

I haven't read Supergirl but that sounds pretty dumb. Metabolizing sunlight into energy and food isn't an unheard concept (even though it basically makes the Kryptonians plant people) but it makes up for breathing now too? What kind of sense does that make? (And yeah, yeah, I know: "it's comics", but even the weirdest kinds of fiction have some kind of internal logic).

Well, Supergirl is a genetically modified Kryptonian, so she processes solar energy differently, which is why she got powers pretty much immediately after being exposed to sunlight, and why her powers are slightly different than traditional Kryptonian.

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Superman vs Wraith bothered me. Supes goes to Earths core to take away Wraith's advantage of extra powers, but the dude still had a ridiculous strength advantage over Superman that seemed to have been forgotten. And then Wolverine vs Sabretooth pretty much ignored their encounter in the Wolverine solo that literally wrapped up two weeks ago. The fights were nice though.

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If this is supposed to be in canon--according to Marcus To at least--why are her colors Pre-DCnU then?

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If he returns, have him pop up in someone else's book. Make him the focus of a Green Arrow arc or something and use that as an excuse to bring in a Bat-Family character in order to deal with him. Use that as build up until he makes another solid return in a Batman book.