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Thor isn't going to lose his strength; he's going to run around with a battle axe.

Anyway, there's no need to retcon what Dr. Strange did because Thor died in Fear Itself. I'm sure after that, his life force ceased being tied into anything since he had no life force anymore until he escaped the Demogorge.

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If Beta Ray Bill became as strong as Thor by wielding his hammer, why shouldn't she?

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He has enhanced brain capabilities, that's it. His brain works and processes faster than what is humanly possible, and that's how people should look at it instead of relying on the whole brain capacity thing.

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Mera looks like she got her wardrobe ideas from Street Fighter Alpha.

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She was too skinny before she bulked up. She looks fine now.

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The most surprising thing is that she has flat heels, which is in contrast to how Finch has drawn her since the DCnU started. I like.

And his art is sexy regardless.

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Because no super powered person or group is going to stop poverty or greed. Since they're not doing that, they're not going to stop crime regardless of their abilities.

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As fast as he needs to be. Based on the general showings of speedsters or people with super speed in general, I take them as mentally capping their speed as the need arises, which explains why Superman is fast enough to catch bullets one second but is slow enough to be tagged by someone like Mammoth, who has no real speed. Toss him in a fight with say, Wonder Woman or another Kryptonian and he'll regulate his body accordingly.

This theory of mine was somewhat confirmed during the Grounded storyline where Superman had to consciously speed up his level of perception because Barry-Flash was moving and talking faster than he could register prior to the mental adjustments.

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I don't read Cap but if it isn't Steve carrying the shield the only person who deserves to in my mind is Bucky. Steve looked up to Bucky when he was just a scrawny kid, and then Bucky looked up to Steve as Cap. They've both learned from and supported each other, and really it's the only one that does Steve's legacy justice. I know Bucky has been Cap before, but that should even further solidify why he should carry the mantle.

Actually, Steve never looked up to Bucky in the mainstream, 616 universe. Bucky was the one who always looked up to Cap. Only in the ultimate universe and the movie universe was Bucky the "big brother" of the two.

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We all know it's the Falcon. Fine, make him the new Captain for the time being. What I don't get is why the hell did Steve age? For all intents, he was in stasis and was preserved by the SSS. The lack of it shouldn't have logically made him age into a 90 year old.