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Apocalypse doesn't look giant and menacing at all.

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And no one thought to update Icon's suit so it didn't look like he grabbed his shower curtain and curtain rings to tie a cape over his upper body while wearing one of those onese pajama suits with the booties.

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The only thing wrong with the new suit--other than it not being Faybok's design--are the thigh-high boots. Drop them down to knee level and it'd be good.

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Old Man Logan, much like Spider-Gwen, needs to be an ongoing set in its own universe with its own continuity. I honestly think that's what Marvel will do; dabble with the multiverse more by setting more on-goings outside of the main universe.

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Last I checked, coloring books didn't have age limits.

But I'll be damned if I'm going to color hyper-detailed Bryan Hitch artwork.

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Hyperion is in desperate need of a redesign. Ditch the championship belt and underwear, Marvel!

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@the_knight_rhoden said:

@poeticwarrior: The hammer gives her the strength of Thor, alongside many of his other physical stats. It's probably due to Mjolnir being tied to Thor's life force or something.

So she's basically old Thor with the hammer? Why do people say female Thor would lose against a hammerless Thor? What makes regular Thor so strong? How strong is Thor without the hammer? Anyone has feats of him without the hammer?

Thor's physical strength doesn't come from the hammer. Thor is strong because he's strong. His hammer replicates his physical abilities for anyone who wields it and is proven to be worthy enough to gain his powers. Anyone who says female Thor would lose to the male Thor is making facetious comments due to fanboyism and/or negative reactions to the fact that Thor got momentarily sidelined by a replacement. They would both have the same powerset and power level; the only difference is that Mjlolnir allows for better weather manipulation along with a bunch of other abilities. The only way female Thor would lose is if Thor fights with experience, otherwise it's a literal stalemate between the two or female Thor wins because she has extra abilities from the hammer.

You want feats of hammerless Thor, just look up feats of him with the hammer and pretend he's not holding anything because there won't be a difference.

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This book will continue post Secret Wars/10.

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There's a level with a giant crocodile man chasing you through the sewers.

Now I don't know where you're from, but that is usually considered to be beyond the norm.

not to mention with steroid dudes with spikes on their backs and ninjas.

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