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Secret Wars and Convergence have too many tie-ins.

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@brunnhilde: this is the truth i think he should be more like MR Majestic also why is it when he faces those with powers such as his they can use their powers effectively but all superman can do is punch until he wins, DC should make him a cosmic character instead of being an earth bound one, it might allow writers to utilise his intelligence among his other abilities without making certain humans look stupid and having to pander to fanboys

The concept of Superman is elastic: he can fit into any type of story the writers throw at him. If you want to do cosmic Superman, you can do it. If you want more grounded stories, it works too. Superman doesn't need to be either-or when he's worked perfectly fine as both for years now.

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Aside from comedic Cyborg from the original Teen Titans cartoon, Cyborg is quite possibly the most boring cyborg in fictional history to me, and I watched Cyborg 009.

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This is a worthless change. Adult Bobby isn't gay and the young X-Men will eventually go away, never to be seen again, so this is entirely pointless.

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@rudebomberboy01: The trailer was even darker than what Daredevil (Netflix) and Man of Steel were together. I really hate how Snyder does things, but there's one movie that actually worked; Watchmen.

Snyder f-ed up Superman.

The trailer makes sense. The first time anyone ever sees Superman is in response to an alien invasion that only happened because he was being looked for. If the mood wasn't like it was, it wouldn't make any sense.

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The solution is to make a Hulk solo movie inside of someone elses movie. Or make a dual character movie and focus primarily on the Hulk without titling the movie Hulk. Put Hulk and Captain America in a movie and give it a funky cool name and give Hulk the focus.

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@raktus said:

As someone who hasn't been reading anything BUT Deadpool...

How does everyone else survive Incursion? Is Deadpool (and gang) the only ones that die from this?

We find out during the Secret Wars crossover. Chances are, they're not the only ones who die and deaths can very easily be undone after the crossover.

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Anyone who can be significantly hurt by bullets and knives is street level. Spider-Man's enhanced durability doesn't protect him from gunshots and knife wounds, so him being the max for street level makes sense. Miles is as vulnerable to this stuff as Pete is, so he'd be street level too.

Obviously, this isn't the case with everything since Flash and Quicksilver can be hurt by similar means, but aren't street level due to their ridiculous speeds.

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No, not even close. MCU nerfed everyone but Captain America.

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Too many goddamn tie-ins.