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@kangconquers: @ghostrider2: while I agree that Thanos, Adam Warlock are clear Surfer superiors, the same can't be said for SBP..

1- while beating 200 GL is impressive non of then tried to drain Emo boy, a feat Surfer can easily do for a win

2- SBP is clearly stronger but that doesn't help him beat an intangible a Surfer who can phase his brains out

3- SBP has no TP defensive feats, in fact iirc MMH was able to read his mind planets away, guess who has comparable TP powers ( Norrin) mind rape ftw

4- can SBP teleport if Surfer or Thanos bfrs him to another dimension

5 - does SBP have any transmutation resistance feats at planetary level

Superboy is a powerhouse but thinking if he goes against Surfer it's going to be a brawl every time is wrong, he loses in every other fight.

A great example is Wally vs Superman, we know who is stronger but so what? Strength doesn't win against versatility. Surfer stomps Emo boy

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Galactus eats eats them up. Monarch is like Hyperstorm and he got drained really quick by a starving Galan

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Is the round reset after every death? Because bfr to Blackhole should just end the battle immediately.

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Tyrant he was above Sky father

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Thanos wins he eventually gets bored and pimps everyone here, none are defeating Thanos he is immune

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Sophia gets my vote here, DS did not not address his convincingly on some points eg MMH TP, if MMH can read SBPs mind then it stands to reason he can control it. If SBP has feats being read and no feats defending against it then he must be vulnerable.

Also all your scans showed Supes traveling at most 10x ftl while DSS was shown traveling light yrs in seconds that's a huge speed gap to me.

The debate on Zoom was much better and I think he could pull it of, however I don't see how he then defeats everyone else alone

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@big_and_bad: I am curious you think Supes can take on Quaser? Please explain how, because you the first person to claim this....

Any way for the battle Qauser solos via nanosecond energy drain, un breakable force field encapsulation, bfr to Quantum zone , etc

Qauser is SS with out transmutation. And stomps Supes 10/10

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Mangog or clears

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Blink teleports their heads of

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@killemall: Are you saying that a energy cube that could hold a warrior mad Thor with Power gem won't hold ULTRON