Just a Little Hold Over Til Comic Mania!

So the comics I feel like I have been waiting for a year now still are not here (its been like 5 days lol) but I was able to go to this sweet collectables store in the local mall to be surprised by an awesome $1 comic section. I was able to pull out 22 good comics for me (broke a deal for 2 free), from the pile and have been slowly reading them. I found the full 4 set of Daredevil (297-300) Last Rite and the full 6 set of Daredevil (320-325) Fall From Grace. I read Last Rite and I thought it was great and am looking forward to starting the Fall from grace set soon. Oh and all are first prints in VG to VF condition (from the knowlegde I have). I also found a fairly new Spider-man featuring Blade, a couple random Batman's just for collecting, a Fantastic Four reprint to read for fun, 3 48 page Action Comics featuring the Green Lantern, Brightest Day Green Lantern 55, and a full set of 5 of Justice League America (46-50) Glory Bound story. I also recieved 2 of the books I had to order from a different site, Batman 3 and Justice League 1 (which was pretty sick but I never ordered the rest :( ....). I found some pretty good reads for a really cheap price but I still hope those other books get here quick!

So I guess the moral of the story is, while you wait for 80 comics to be shipped to your house for your special enjoyment, go to the local collectable/flea market/antique/comic shop for some cheap buys to hold you over!

Thanks for reading and follow me,


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