All I Could Use is a Little Patience

My comics have shipped but have not arrived. If you read my last post you should know that I have a great starter lot of roughly 80 comics headed my way via mail but the problem is, I WANT THEM NOW! I have always been considered a patient person, considering in my 4 years of varsity baseball I have drawn over 40 walks and counting, but when it comes to waiting for the start of a new lifetime love, it sucks. I have found that I have no patience when it comes to waiting for something that I really want. These comics are something that I have been waiting on getting for a while now, and once I ordered them, I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas. I am so excited to finally dig my nose into some comics and explore my favorite characters, like Batman and the Green Lantern, and my favorite teams the Justice League, and the Avengers. I have roughly 32 Batman comics, the new 52 Green Lantern 1-7, 19-23 Justice League comics, and 18-20 Avengers, plus the firsttwo 0-1 Avengers vs X-men on their way and I want them now! I guess if the don't get here tomorrow I will just go to the comic store a couple minutes away and get some series fillers like the new Green Lantern and the Dark Knight 2 and 4 to round out that series up to date. I really hope they get here soon.


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Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Nice Guns'n'Roses reference.