A Legacy Has Begun

As of yesterday, my first step to becoming the comic fan I want to become has shipped. My updated collections of Batman 1-7 and Green Lantern 1-7 (well until today when 8 hits shelves) have been bagged, boarded, and shipped to my house! I cannot wait until they arrive along with issues 1,3,5-7 of the Dark Knight (2 and 4 are sold out but I think my local shop hascopies), Justice League 1 (Lack of money, but an issue 1 was in stock so I had to get it), Avengers vs X-men 0-1, and an assorted bundle of Avengers, Justice League, and Batman (roughly 60) are on there way!!! I'm beyond pumped to dive into those books of superhero greatness and begin my lifetime collection! I just wish we had teleports so they get here in 2-10 minutes instead of 2-10 days :(

I can only wait now, I've only been waiting like 3 months to get money so whats a couple extra days? (feels like years)

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