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@jashro44: Hmm...that makes the Iron Fist much less impressive then. I mean it still does damage but it doesn't get that huge upgrade. it true that Cap's shield isn't effected by magnetism? I swore I saw Magneto do something to it before.

There is a comicvine page about that very topic right here. Hope I helped.

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Daredevil doesn't have super speed. Lol.

I think he means in terms of reflexes, due to his super senses.

In all I think the analysis for both heroes were pretty good. There are a few out of context or misinformation moments but they don't really derail the analysis for either character.

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@jashro44 said:

There is some out of context info in both videos, for batman:

  • The leg press scan is from batman odyssey which is non canon.
  • Shiva may have been mind controlled against grodd (debatable if this hindered her performance)
  • Dr. Death stated the door may not have been as durable as he originally said it was. All though I guess this is up for debate (all though the fact dr. death survived being tossed through a missile proof door is kind of telling it wasn't missile proof IMO)
  • Aren't those Richard dragon scans pre crisis? Not that it matters as I don't think dragon has any canon post crisis feats but I could be wrong.

For captain america:

  • The fight with black panther, T'challa was holding back (they both were but I believe black panther more so). They were forced to fight in contest of champions 2 due to the brood and the panther gods gave black panther some resistance to it. Cap did show he adapts to different fighting styles and can sense air currents but thats not really a legit win.
  • IIRC that fight with daredevil was streets of poison where cap was bloodlusted and daredevil had to relearn how to fight if I am not mistaken.
  • Also iron fist never knocked out skaar. Skaar was pretending.

You also forgot to add (it's said in the Batman part) Cap's Shield is not made of adamantium and it is not effected by magnetic forces.

And at 2:00 into the Captain America one, he says Cap knocked out a super soldier who had the SSS, or maybe a different version. When in fact it was a Kree super soldier.

Also why do you think Black Panther was holding back more? I'm just curious because haven't actually read Contest of Champions II, but I agree the fight shouldn't be use as a "win".

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Thanks. I remember hearing about the salary issues as well. There was also a rumor that Renner wasn't going to be Hawkeye, which he stopped himself. I think all the contracts are sorted out, at least until after Avengers 3, but anything can happen. That's why we should not take these great movies for granted.

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Should be no surprise to anyone, but I'm going with Brubaker's Captain America. I love all the spy and military stuff, it's like Ian Flemming and Tom Clancy collaborated on a book.

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I agree. I also think Avengers did a very good job and showcasing all the Avengers...yes even Hawkeye maybe not character depth but they did show how destructive he could be if he were on the enemy side (for a just a guy who uses a bow and arrow). Still hoping they give a chance more on his character, but overall the team really shined in their roles.

For Hawkeye, if you take into account just the Battle of New York, then I think he did shine just as much, those marksmanship feats were crazy awesome. But yes throughout the whole movie I would have loved to have seen at least a little bit of depth/growth, here's hoping they do a bit in Avengers: AOU, I would also like to see more on his character depth/growth as well.

@tg1982: What I meant was more along the lines of him taking charge and being leader because he feels somewhat out of place in this modern world, but he was getting more and more confident at the end of Avengers, and he's calling shots more in Winter Soldier it seems. Should be awesome to watch :)

Oh, then yeah I agree 100%.

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@slimj87d: @veshark:

Yes, Paul Bettany, a very talented actor. He's perhaps best known for Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World, A Knight's Tale, and A Beautiful Mind, as well as the voice of Jarvis.

I think a WCA would be pretty cool to see in the MCU, but the problem might be the fact that they're the lesser known commodities, it would be a bit harder to generate public interest for the average movie goer, and also, as you said, there is the "over milking" that they would have to be aware of.

@slimj87d said:

On the Vision, I think it's been confirmed to be JARVIS since Jarvis voice actor has been confirmed to be playing vision.

There's a high possibility for the East Coast, I don't think Avengers 3 will have the original Avengers in it, or there will be a point where a second set of Avengers will be required to assemble from the hints we hear about from Marvel. Perhaps the original members get captured by Thanos or something.

Why do you think that? Would you perhaps know where to find these hints? I've never seen them and am very interested in this possibility.

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Yeah kinda Kirby-esque, only a little darker. But overall I think Remender is doing a terrific job, the only negative (And it's a extremely small negative at that) and it's by no means Remender's fault, is the apparent fact, that Marvel can't seem to get a steady artist on the title with Remender, but hopefuly that will change with Nic Klein jumping on board, his art is, IMO, fantastic.

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Yay!!! Another Atheist vs Religion debate!!!! I haven't seen a new one in quite sometime. Who's winning this one?

Now on to the Bladenburg Peace Cross, as it is called, that is what the topic is actually about right? People wanting to tear it down? Well here are some facts, courtesy of the Washington Post.

First, the Peace Cross honors men from Prince George's County, Maryland who died during WWI, not all WWI soldiers. Second, at least one of the plaintiffs isn't even from, nor does he reside in, Maryland at all, nor is the group American Humanist Association. He's from Washington. Third, the cross is indeed on government land, however at the time of it's creation, in 1925, it was actually private property. Fourth, The AHA's (American Humanist Association, the group suing) head coordinator says that the cross is a Christian image, one "that does not represent the sacrifices by non-Christian soldiers" Fifth, There is already a precedent set similar to this, "When the Supreme Court decided a similar case in 2010, the justices narrowly rejected a complaint that a white cross in the Mojave Desert, honoring World War I soldiers, violated the First Amendment’s ban on endorsing one religion over any other. The majority said that the cross could be viewed as a more neutral symbol that honors heroes" Sixth, The cross does not have the words "War Memorial" on it.

I think wanting to get rid of the cross is, quite honestly, pointless and dumb. 1) Since it's only a memorial for 49 men, those who died in WWI from Prince George's County, Maryland, the fact that it doesn't represent "All soldiers who died in WWI" is most likely moot. It was made to represent those 49 men. 2) I personally don't think anyone who isn't from a place, nor currently resides in a place, as any right to tell or otherwise dictate how said place should be (obviously, unless it directly affects peoples more important right of life, liberty, and health), but for example if a group from say Florida came to my hometown of Las Vegas and tried to tear down our casinos or whatever, I'd tell them to go kick rocks as would the vast majority of Las Vegans. 3) This is, to me, the best foot the AHA has, technically the cross is on government land, but it wasn't always so, I'm not a law expert by any means so I don't know what, if anything, surrounding a circumstance like this. 4) The point for this is basically the same as No.1. If the 49 soldiers were, in fact all Christian then that would make this moot, IMO. 5) In the 2010 case the cross stayed, so a precedent has been set. 6) The cross doesn't say "War Memorial" on it but other than being a cross it has no religious markings or phrasing on it, the inscription by President Woodrow Wilson reads as thus: “The right is more precious than the peace; we shall fight for the things we have always carried nearest our hearts; to such a task we dedicate ourselves.” At the base of the monument are the words, “Valor, Endurance, Courage, Devotion.” At its heart, the cross bears a great gold star. To me these are words, and ideals that everyone, can relate and aspire to. Regardless of any difference whether they be religious, or atheist, no matter race, gender or sexual preference, in fact literally the only thing that would and could prohibit a person from wanting to aspire to these virtues is themselves.

In closing, to me, there is really no justification for what the AHA, nor the people it is representing, are trying to do, other than just try to get publicity. I don't care if they're Atheist, Jewish, Muslim or Christian, there is no reason for any person or group of people to want to mess with this cross. An argument could be made if the cross was a monument to ALL WWI fallen heroes, but it simply isn't, it's to 49 fallen heroes.

Also here are some links to the Washington Post article, where I got my information as well as the link to the town of Bladenburg and the cross.

Bladensburg Peace Cross is more than a religious symbol

Suit seeks removal of Bladensburg cross

Memorial Peace Cross: Veterans memorial or religious symbol?

Bladenburg Peace Corss

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@wolverine08: I wouldn't say "unsure of himself". Remember, he thought he could take on Iron Man. "Put on the suit.", but I do agree with the rest. Whole heartedly.

@humanrocket: Here's hoping. But for what it's worth, my friends were like that too, in fact my nephew's favorite character in the Avengers was Cap.

@chrisj_1 said:

It pains me to see how much people on this very site as well as all over the internet greatly underestimate Captain America in the Avengers. Examples being:

Why is captain america the leader of the Avengers?

Did Captain America get demoted in the Avengers movie?

I don't think they understand how big a role Cap played in the movie.

Think about other superhero movies here. Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, etc. They all let there battles take them crashing through buildings putting civilians in harm's way throughout and practically leveling their cities. Man of Steel the biggest example in this with Metropolis getting utterly obliterated and not even just by the World Engine but by Superman and Zod's battle alone. This all happens because all these heroes are directly reactionary to their respective threats fighting them off without a plan. If it weren't for Captain America, Avengers would've been another one of those movies.

Joss Whedon was smart enough to plan out scenes in which Captain America actively rescues groups of civilians(something that was sorely lacking in many superhero films besides maybe the original Spiderman trilogy), organizes the police force into evacuating all civilians through the subways, creates a perimeter limiting the destruction down to only 3 blocks, and guides Iron Man to guard that perimeter throughout the battle (What did you think he was flying around the city at random?) while having Hawkeye working as his eyes and ears.

My point being Joss Whedon took into account Cap's being a tactical genius and that's what I love about this movie and appreciate more and more each time I watch it. He played this battle like a game of chess how he organised the team he knew exactly where to put everyone sending his powerhouses Thor and Hulk to cause mayhem while having everyone else to play a specific part. Everyone talks and complains about Iron Man getting the spotlight throughout the Avengers but seriously Captain America is the unsung hero of this movie it's a damn shame not too many people realise this.