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I wish my failures resulted in 1.4 billion dollars.

I must also be in the minority, since I really liked Age of Ultron as well. I actually liked it more than Avengers.

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He wouldn't be able to beat any single branch of the United States military, let alone the entirety of it.

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Joker - DD wins. Joker really didn't have any fighting feats to speak of. DD should make short work of him.

Kick Ass - DD wins. Kick Ass's greatest feat is getting the snot kicked out of him.

Catwoman -DD wins. Didn't really do anything memorable in Dark Knight Rises, feat wise.

Crossbones - Crossbones wins. I think he is a good enough marksman to plug DD.

Batroc - DD wins. H2H DD wouldn't feel anything due to his armor

Rorschach - Rorschach wins. In the movie they all seemed to have enhanced strength, I think it might be too much for DD's armor to take.

Batman - Batman Wins. Just too many gadgets.

Punisher - DD wins. This I could go either way on, I don't really remember any accuracy feats of Punisher. And no really memorable H2H feats.

Black Widow - Black Widow wins. Her stingers could bypass DD's armor.

Hit Girl - DD wins. Hit Girl seems to struggle with people who actually have some kind of training. But it's been a while since I've seen either Kick Ass movie.

Ra's Al Ghul - DD wins. Ra's sword won't do much against DD's armor. I can't remember any H2H feats he did either.

Eggsy - Eggsy wins. Just too many guns and bombs and gadgets.

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Going to go with Snake Eyes here. Unless DD finds a way to turns the lights off or something, Snake Eyes will win. It could be a tougher fight if DD gets his armor, but still Snake Eyes would win.

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I got to go with DD. He's better skilled in H2H and took on some serious threats, plus his armor would tank anything Kick Ass could throw at him.

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@jayc1324 said:

Round 1, Rocky- Extremely hard jaw, took punches with over 2000 pounds per square inch of pressure, better boxer, experience.

Round 2, Oliver- far superior versatility

This sums it up perfectly.

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@benk111 said:

Yes during the next big event they will team up and fury will be back as well. I also wouldn't be surprised if Thor gets back his thorness during an event, but I think female Thor will be around for another 2 or 3 years.

I think they'll revert back to their legacy status once their movies come out. At least for Captain America and Thor

It Happened with with Bucky as Captain America, right before Captain America: The First Avenger Steve became Cap again in Fear Itself. I think once Captain America: Civil War comes out, Steve will become Captain America again.