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I think he stops at Hawkeye. But it'd be coin flip, I think Clint takes it 50.5% of the time.

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@slimj87d said:

You're the only one that argues this, I've never seen anyone else try and deny that Captain America has ran at 60 MPH. @tg1982, defend your friend here. You said he debates fairly.

First, I want to apologize for the lateness of my reply, I hardly ever come on these boards anymore. Now to get right to it...I don't think @muyjingo is denying that Cap can run at 60mph, the question is can he do it consistently? To my knowledge he's only done it twice (at least specifically stated), once when Bucky was shot and Cap even stated only when he has to... the second was from a bird that was said to have a top speed of 50mph. I'm not even going to comment on scan with Bucky saying "You've been running a mile a minute since..." due to the fact that it's just a figure of speech, not something to be taken literally. I'd like to think of you as my friend too, but in some instances we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Just like I disagree with @muyjingo about Cap's statement about how he's able to dodge bullets, I believe he does mean he can see faster than bullets. But we agree to disagree on it. I wish I knew the topic where we (muyjingo and I) had our debate about really was a good debate...

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And yes,he has a different opinion (which is fine). Personally,I don't agree with his opinion. That's fine,too (or at least,I hope it is). The point is that I read his responses,read his blog,etc and then see if I agree/disagree with his argument and why. I've already stated that I disagree with his argument,and why that is the case with each one.Personally,I don't find his argument to be one (at least,the ones about Cap,not the ones that are exclusively about Batman) supported by the facts,that's my prerogative....Am I not allowed to disagree,now? Or was this part not directed at me?

Was there something uncivilized that I did? Am I not allowed to disagree with someone now?

Disagreeing is perfectly fine. I have no problem with disagreeing. It's HOW you disagree, when the first paragraph of your first post in this thread is this...

Don't waste your time.

Clearly he doesn't know about 616 Cap. It's hilarious how he thinks Movie Cap is stronger than 616 Cap. I hope he isn't one of the Batfans that try to say that Cap and Bats are equals physically,while trying desperately to undermine/lowball Cap's feats....probably while overrating Batman's with tenuous links on both accounts.

This is hardly just "disagreeing". You tell people to not waste their time, and then make an assumption about someone, and then say their opinion (which is valid) is hilarious. Then more assumptions. Which, if it was directed at me, I would think it's offensive, if I'm to be honest, at the very least baiting. You then follow up with your second post...

Please,I am waiting......Actually,no,I'm not. I don't have time for this.I've come across too many people like this on other forums. You're probably just going to be stubborn,and stick to your ignorant opinion...which is probably just Batbias combined with wishful thinking.

So again you make assumptions, insult his opinion calling it ignorant and call him bias. Again if directed towards me I would think it's offensive. Again @muyjingo and I have had this same debate and we have differing opinions on it and the mods never had to come in and warn us. Why did they on here? You have a differing opinion? Then say so without insults. And please understand this is not ONLY directed at you, but also krauser99.

Tag team buddy? Yes,you've figured us out. We are secretly in cohoots,and you've figured out our sinister tactic of "tag teaming" up on him.

Sarcasm aside,I said that it's arguable that he can be called a borderline superhuman (or below) because of his feats. It isn't a far-fetched or baseless claim. I'm starting to think that you didn't read my responses,or that you're misinterpreting them by taking them out of context.

The "tag team buddy" really wasn't directed at you, my point about that was krauser99 called @muyjingo irrational because he thought Batman was superhuman, and he never said that, that it was you. So basically he insulted him for nothing. As for Batman being superhuman, or near, or whatever, I didn't take it out of context, I know what you were saying, I wasn't agreeing or disagreeing about that. I don't know enough about him to say one way or the other, and honestly I don't care if he is or isn't.

@tg1982 said:

How did you get "insecure" and that I couldn't handle a different opinion from that? I just stated that,if anyone would say that Batman is borderline superhuman,that it is a point that can be argued by his feats. I don't know WHERE you got the rest of that from,but quite frankly it's just ridiculous and almost insulting...And who cares if I don't know him? What relevance does that have? Does that mean that I cannot talk to anyone on the vine because I don't know them personally?

I didn't "get" insecure, I was asking. Again I don't care about Batman being superhuman, or not, or whatever. The text about you talking about Batman was simply to show people, mainly krause99, that you said it not muyjingo. I apologize for the confusion, if you thought that Batman post was what I was referring to. As far as not knowing someone, I meant people insulting others, not talking or debating.

And by the way,this is an open forum. Discussing comic books and the things that happen in them are what the forums are FOR.

I agree. The forum is for discussing, I never said otherwise. It's NOT for insulting people (again not directed solely at you but everyone involved).

@tg1982 said:

You act as if I slit my wrists just because he believes something different. I thought the initial point was to try to change the opinions of the other,if possible? And if not,then to each his/her own?

I would say the point is to have fun, but it's just my opinion. If you truly believe that the point is to try to change the others opinions, then that's fine, but do you think that insults are really conducive to that? If anything it'll just help cement them in their positions.

You, of course, are free to reply, but I'm not interested in this debate, so I'm probably done here. One more thing, just to be sure, my initial post was directed at everyone not just you, so please don't think I'm singling you out.

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@muyjingo said:

@tg1982 was one of the few cap fans in these parts able to have a civilized debate. How I wish he were here.

Here I am... and for the record, I'm actually kind of embarrassed to be a Cap fan right now...One guy (@muyjingo) has a different, and debatable, if not valid, opinion. And he gets ganged up on and bullied? It's kind of pathetic...I've debated with muyjingo on this topic at length and in depth, and not ONCE has a mod needed to come in here and tell us to calm down. Yet it happened here. I hope that you guys (some of which are my friends) can just take a step back and calm down, then be civil towards each other.

The only silly idea in this thread is saying that Batman is a true Superhuman which is irrational that poster mujingo likes to post and even sillier saying his strength and durability is equal to Captain America.

See, this is what I'm talking about. No where did muyjingo say Batman was super human. So that's wrong, and then you insult him by calling him irrational? The irony is that your tag team buddy is the one trying to make a claim of Batman being superhuman...

However,it can be said that,by feats,that Batman is a borderline superhuman or directly underneath the mark. By FEATS. On paper,he's definitely a peak human,and I don't think that that's changing anytime soon. But it isn't too far fetched to say that he's borderline,or at least,directly below the DIRECTLY below (because it can be argued). :)

Are you people so insecure that they can't handle someone with a disagreeing opinion? I'm mean for crying out loud, does it REALLY matter if a poster, whom you don't really know, thinks that Cap isn't superhuman? Will it mean the end of the world? This is why I hardly ever come on here any more...

@muyjingo if you want to hang out and talk you'll find me at another forum...if you want, let me know. I'll PM it to you, (I think it would be rude to post it on another comic forum).

Also, I think the comic in which the scan for Cap throwing the rock at from Captain America: The Chosen and I'm pretty sure it's non-cannon, I might be wrong, but since at the end of it Cap dies by getting stabbed in the eye with a screw driver, by a terrorist.

There now my rant is done.

One last thing, if anyone is curious, my belief is that I think that Cap is in fact Peak of Human Potential, meaning no other human can be physically better than him (and still be human), but there are many that could be, and are, in his range/class, Batman being one of them.