Craiglist scam artists

So I'm trying to sell my Sexy Lexie and get a new, more gas efficient car (can't respect myself by driving a SUV in LA anymore), so I found this ad on Craigslist (probably my first mistake) for a 2007 Hybrid Camry for $4200 (another red flag I should've noticed). So emailing this lady back and forth, it became very apparent what was going on here. This was our email exchange:


 I would love to come check out this car. Please let me know if you are available during the weekends, or week day nights, thanks!  


 I'm glad to see your inquiry about my car. It is a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation,Sunroof,Leather,Bluetooth,only 68,800 miles, one non smoker owner, the car is in EXCELLENT condition the body and paint are immaculate, no scratches and no dents the interior is clean it has never been involved in any kind of accident.The car was payed off,the title is clear with no loan or lien on it. I am selling at this price ($4,200.00) because I'm pregnant with a baby on the way. Now I'm almost 30 weeks. My doctor tells me I’m right on track, my little girl it's coming to this world, so I’m bound to sell the car because I need money fast. The financial part of this deal will be managed by the Google Checkout Program (they are acting like a third party in our deal). Which means that the payment will be handled by Google and you will benefit of the 5 days inspection time period and the option to accept or reject the car on my expense. I can send you more details about how exactly the Google Checkout Program works, but please get back to me asap if you have cash money and if you are ready to buy.
> so pregnant and wants to go through the famous search engine, Google, for my payment? questionable already. So I asked again if I could PHYSICALLY see the car:


  Great to hear from you. The car looks amazing, is it possible for me to come check it out sometime this weekend? Google Checkout sounds fine, if you could explain it to me the details of how it all works, that would be awesome. Thanks! 


 The car will be shipped from Houston Texas and  I will pay all the shipping fees and insurance for the transport. The car will be delivered at your home and you will not have to pick it up. The shipping will take 3-5 days and you will have to be home and sign the delivery papers.According with Google Checkout you have 5 days from the time you receive the car to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not. Here is how it will work:
1.First of all I will need the following details from you:
- Full Name
- Full Shipping Address
- Phone #
2. After I will receive the details from you, I will forward them to Google.
3. After they will process your info, they will send us both invoices. The invoice will contain the necessary details on how to make a refundable payment.
4. Google will contact me and I will ship the car to you. After you receive the car you will have 5 days to test, verify and do whatever you need with the car.If you will decide to buy it, then I will receive the payment details from Google so that I can pick up the money.
5. If you decide that you will not buy the car, Google will refund the money and I will have the shipping company come pick up my car from your location.
If you wish to make the transaction, please send me the necessary info so we can proceed. I look forward to hear from you.
Thank you
> okay, so at this point I'm pretty confident it's a scam. Houston, really? So now I just want to f*ck with her, clearly I have no interest in buying the car, so I make up a little fib: 


 That sounds awesome! My older brother actually lives in Houston, so he'd be totally down to go check it out for me. He's a huge car enthusiast so it actually would be better for him to see it than me. Where is the car located? Please let me know, and I'd be happy to give you all that information, thanks! 


I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but I will be out of town for the next 2 months and for this reason I prefer to use a shipping company and a third party like Google Checkout. My husband works for a local shipping company and we have a big discount at this time, so all the shipping fees will be paid by me.The car will be shipped from Houston Texas and will take 4-5 days to arrive at your location.
According to Google Checkout Protection Program you have 5 days from the time you receive the car to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.

If you want to buy it please email me your full name and address for shipping so I can initiate the transaction through Google. 
After that, they will contact you for all necessary information about this transaction (terms, buyer protection, payment instructions, invoice, etc.)
Thank you
>I'm driving to work and can't wait till I get there to write this, so excuse the lack of sharp wit, I was weaving in-between cars while typing this: 


Well, Lacy, let me ask you this, how lucrative of a lifestyle is it conning people from Craigslist. Im interested in a career change and you were very convincing at first. Assuming you're still reading this, there were a few loop holes in your elaborate tale. First off, why are you traveling 2 months if you have a baby coming soon? To me, that is extremely irresponsible. Also, why the hell would I buy a car from Houston, f*ckin Texas when Im halfway across the country. You could easily make more trading in a dealership, ive already asked a few dealers what they'd take a car like a 2007 camry hybrid for, it's worth at LEAST $15,000. I must admit though, this was pretty good compared to the half retarded scams I get from people abroad. Anyways, if you ever find yourself pointing a loaded gun to your head after living an amoral life scamming complete strangers for a couple thousand to pay off that bookie or dealer you owe, just remember, you've impressed me. Take care! 
There's my story. Just wonderin', what are some of the most ridiculous scams you've run into?


Online Dating?

 Since I'm fairly new to the West Coast and acquainted with only a handful of people here, I figured I'd give dating websites a chance since everyone's been ranting and raving about them. I joined because it was free, and there was no way in hell I'd dish out money for this kind of service. I tried going on one date, and to be honest, it was probably one of the most awful experiences I've ever endured. The girl never asked about me, kept talking about her "sketch comedies" and how she was into Improv and all that fun jazz, but never really asked what I did or where I was from. 2 hours into the date (after ONE drink), while she rambled on about some online comedy, which I couldn't give two shits about, all I could think about was going home, chilling hard, and playing some Halo, haha. So at the end, I simply asked, "Alright, are you ready to leave?" and when she waited with me to pay for our check at the bar, I told her she didn't have to stay, an offer she promptly took and peaced out.
After this experience, I have to say, I'm really not a fan of "blind dating." The whole idea of setting yourself up to a complete stranger and relying on only simple facts that he/she decides to put on a website (whether or not they are accurate) just feels so fake and annoying to me. Everyone basically describes themselves as "open-minded" and "easy-going", because obviously no one wants to date someone who describes themselves as stubborn or self-centered. You really have summarize yourself within a couple of hours during the date, and figure out whether or not you're going to like this person sitting across the table for me. To be honest, for me, I've never had to really go "out of my way" to find a girlfriend, I've kinda just taken whatever falls onto my lap (haaaa!). So this whole idea of trying to explain myself to someone just seems painful and obnoxious. 
So what are your guys' thoughts about this whole notion? Have you had similar experiences or much better ones than mine?



 got some underage tail up in this b*tch
A couple of nights ago, my roommate and I step outside for a cigg and notice a kid leaning up against my car. When we go over to check whats going on, the kid points to a dead cat on the road. But instead of a cat, it was a kitten, with its head crushed opened (haha absolutely traumatizing). But, it gets worse, because as I got closer, these little monsters (3 of them) were eating its brain matter. Needless to say, I avoided those cannibalistic kittens that night. The next day they were out playing in our yards, which is ridiculous, because, come on, why are there kittens just playing in our yard. So we fed them and they warmed up to us a little, but never got too close. After the next day, they went missing. I figured they either took off or got eaten by a raccoon, because a severed leg was leg on our doorstep (maybe a gift?). But yesterday these little shits come back, but only 2 of them without their mother. I figured I'd bring them in, because there is no way in hell they'd survive out there (probably early signs of cat hoarding, haha). Trying to catch them was quite an ordeal, as my roommate and I ran around my house with a blanket as a net. Our neighbors probably think we're crazy cat people now.
So now I got them in the kitchen, with a cat bed, some milk, litter box (that they actually use! Street cats are clever) and cat food. Am I doing something wrong here? I've never had a cat before, obviously haha. I think they're about 4-5 weeks now, because they're running around independently and able to climb trees. But still, absolutely terrified of us. 

the DBZ phase (most of us went through it, while others...)

As we all know, DBZ has a HUGE influence over many of the comic vine users. You can see this in the battle forums, with constant threads of SSJ4 Goku versus Kal Kent or Perfect Cell versus Thor. However, when I browse through these threads, I notice the same pattern among them. Lets face it, the scope of power for the DBZ characters is absolutely ridiculous. I think when Goku fought Piccolo, they were already shaking the Earth from "powering" up (which is always my favorite time filler for this show). Considering how powerful they get in each arch, I'm not going to debate who'd win in a Comic versus Manga battle. Instead, I want to protest against the sincerity and quality. Frankly, DBZ is just awful, and simply a kids' show. And I know, many DBZ fans state that there is a lot of sexuality with characters like Bulma and Master Roshi, but honestly, that is just from the creepiness of Japanese writers and their strange sense of sexuality. If we really dissect the show, the combination of its linear, repetitive story arcs and simplistic heroes really makes for a terrible 22 minutes (without considering all the fun time fillers).
Don't get me wrong, I loved Dragon Ball Z growing up. The character art, action sequences, and progression of characters' power levels has always been appealing to me. Although I could criticized the reuse of fight sequences and animations (which is blatant at times), I honestly didn't mind watching repeated frames of Goku and Vegeta throwing punches and kicks. What irked me at first was the time wasted on nothing. The amount of time it took Namek to actually blow up when Freiza and Goku fought was simply painful. And did everyone forget when Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma land on a "Namek" the first time, only to find out it was fake and run by aliens who could create illusions. How many episodes were wasted on these clowns trying to find fake Dragon Balls? I'm sorry, but to me that is the epitome of time wasting. But writers can get away with that, because after all, their target audience are 9-12 year old boys. And this is only based on the Namek arc; I could go on about each one. 
Now something I really appreciated in this Dragon Ball Kai series (haha, which they market as a "brand new" show...get real), they actually recognized those fake Namek episodes as superfluous and completely removed them. However, nothing can save the show from its absolutely repetitious storyline. Let me break the show down for you: threat comes down to Earth (or Namek), Goku (often interchangeable with Gohan, Vegeta, or Trunks)  is either on his way or healing or training, the "Z Warriors" fight the threat off until the villain "upgrades" himself miraculously and demolishes them, and then the awaited hero arrives. After a brutal fight  (for both the characters and viewers) and hundreds of thousands of power levels later, the hero wins (jumping himself to an even more powerful level). And what if the bad guy is too strong? A classic deus ex machina in its purest form: the spirit bomb, which is another brilliant use of wasting time without children suspecting the slightest thing. Also, death is never a big deal in the show. When someone dies, no one seemed to be too concerned since they would able to wish them back to life. This makes out to be a trait for kids' shows, since we don't want to scare kids into thinking death is inevitable, at least not yet.
To add to these blatantly linear story lines, lets look at the main character. Son Goku. The saiyan destined to destory Earth who, instead, bumped his head and forgot his violent nature. So we get a happy-go-lucky dude ("Hi! I'm Goku!" ) who always fights for good and always looks for a bigger challenge to face. BORING. For all the asinine development in his power levels, you'd think his character would evolve somewhat as well. Nope, Goku always stays the same (okay, so he changes into a kid in GT), never struggling with emotional vices and simply looking to beat the bad guy and eat a giant bowl of noodles. While that might sell for kids, as an adult, I like see a character who has layers to him/herself, with internal issues like an alcoholic dad that used to put out cigarettes on Goku's chest. Okay, maybe not that harsh, but still, something that would draw my interest. See, if they made Vegeta the main character and focused on his life, we would see so much more character development. I remember when Vegeta gets shot by Freiza, and he actually cries as he lays there dying, reflecting on his life (even though he'd be resurrected shortly after :P). That by far was the most emotionally genuine moments of the show. Vegeta becomes the classic anti-hero (bad guy turned good), and although cliche, he made out to be one of the most interesting characters, always determined to outpower Kakarrot. 
I could go on and further dissect the show, but I don't think its necessary. I just keep seeing these threads and people valiantly defending DBZ and all its greatness, yet all I remember is recycled fight sequences and people screaming for 10 minutes while Goku tries to draw energy from everyone on the planet.