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Name: Heather Kay

Alias: Tether

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 150lbs

Age: 31

Hair: Brown

Eyes: brown

Gender: female


Species: human


Fixed Kinetic Pull: The nerves inside Heather's fingertips have been replaced by a crude, synthetic version of an abnormal structure often found during the autopsy's of telekinetic mutants. This structure is encased in a thin, metal cap and has successfully been reconnected to the nervous and skeletal system through a miniature, inflexible spine. As a result she can create an area fused with an inactive telekinetic force as long as it is solid enough for her to be able to touch it. If another of these areas is created then both areas will become attracted to each other and move in a straight forward path until both areas have met. Once met the areas will keep together for as long as either exist. Only the destruction of at least one of these areas will stop this process. Heather has only been able to create two areas at a time so far. A byproduct of this is an inability to feel anything with her fingers.

Anti-Telekinetic Wave: Heather appears to have been surgically implanted with another abnormal brain structure that resembles that of a telekinetic. However this structure has been heavily modified to be used in a more telepathic sense. When triggered, the structure copies it's own brain patterns and seeks out others with similar patterns, sending them the message to immediately shut down all activities. This comes in two different variations. a minimum power pulse and a full power pulse. A minimum pulse is believed to be installed originally due to Heather's inability to remove the telekinetic areas she created. A full power pulse causes telekinetics to temporarily lose their ability as well as experience extreme pain and blurred vision within 30 meters of Heather due to the unsound methods used. This deactivates the structure itself and at full power causes the exact same symptoms in Heather, with the structure tearing itself apart. A full power pulse can only be activated twice safely before severe, irreparable damage is done to possibly all telekinetic structure within her body.