Heroes with Disabilities

This list is devoted to those heroes (and villains if they‘re interesting enough) with disabilities.

Not those who’ve had their brains put in robot bodies, or been turned into swamp creatures, or covered in cosmic matter, but ones with disabilities like what we real life people have to deal with as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.       

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Posted by Decept-O
Posted by Starleafgirl

Echo (Marvel Comics) is deaf; Hollow (Marvel Comics) was deaf/mute when she was first introduced, but they eventually retconned the deaf part and recently allowed her to speak a word at a time, so I guess she doesn't really count anymore, lol. But Echo for sure.

Posted by Rumble Man

Would cyborg characters count since they are filled with prosthetics?

Posted by TerryMcC

@Rumble Man:

For this list at least I’m leaving them out because I’m going with the America’s With Disabilities Act, and if a cyborg can outrun an impala (either the animal or the car) then that’s something else altogether.

Posted by Rumble Man

@TerryMcC: What about mutants/freaks (in appearance at least), would you count them as disabled?