From the Pulps to the Comics

Before comic books if you wanted to read about fantastic heroes and weird villains you went to the Pulps, pulp magazines, measuring 7 inches wide by 10 inches high with bright covers outside, and inside around 128 pages of cheap wood pulp paper, where the birthplace of such heroes as Tarzan, Zorro, Doc Savage, The Shadow, the Avenger and others.

When the comics had their first serge after the coming of Superman the pulp publishers saw that the way to make money it seemed was with colorful heroes, so they went to the source they knew and many of the heroes of one media found their way into the latest one.

These are some of those Pulp Heroes who have made it to the Comics.

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Posted by Mr.Q
the best ideas have already been done. haven't they?
Posted by Roxanne Starr
@Mr.Q said:
the best ideas have already been done. haven't they?

We keep coming up with new ideas for pulps all the time on The Pulp Fiction Game thread.  :-)
Posted by Joesoef95

I thought pulps was just another name for golden age comics but turns out it's not? Can anyone explain the difference between regular comics from the 40s and pulps?

Posted by TerryMcC

They  were both the same size, but Pulps, were all text with usually only one or two illustrations per story, and printed on rough cut pulp paper (hince the name) while comics were all illustrated, eccept for a mandatory two pages of all text. and printed on newsprint.
Posted by Hit_Monkey

Where's The Phantom?

Posted by TerryMcC

The Phantom started in the comics

Posted by TerryMcC

And when I say comics I mean news paper comic strip, where were some paperback books about him in the 60's, but never a Pulp Magazine.