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Toss in Ace as a pup and you have Tin Tin of Gotham City... not that that would be a bad thing.

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Silver-Age Jimmy Olsen and Galactus, that'll do.

vs the Supergirl / Thing O course.

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Don’t worry, someday you’ll be able to make whole real sentences just like the people who don’t go to school in the short bus.

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Seems there was another crime fighter called the Red Hood, but not from DC, in 1941 there was a very short lived pulp magazine called Red Mask Detective Stories that lasted for two issues and then was changed to Red Hood Detective Stories for one issue.

I have no details about the Red Hood found therein other than “Most of the stories were sluggish trivialities by obscure writers about a two-fisted crime buster names Perry Morgan who sometimes put on a red hood to do that busting.”

The art was pretty bad too.

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Here is the least likely comic book hero EVER!

Lawrence Welk solves a mystery in the pages of Juke Box Comics in 1948.

I don’t know, maybe he was bitten by a radioactive champagne lady and got powers or something.

I always suspected the Lovely Lennon Sisters were mutants.

It just shows ANYONE can be a hero in a comic book.


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Perhaps he'll regrow those other four arms he got for issue 100.

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Forgotten genre, or sub-genre I guess, it seems that there have been at least four comic book series, some running for over 30 issues (better than most of DC’s `Forth-World’ characters can do) based on the adventures of horses, Black Fury from Charlton even featured early art by Steve Ditko. .

Usually the horse of a famous B-Western film star, but in the comic it’s all them without the cowboy hero ever showing up with the entire dialog being supplied either by characters unique to the horse in question adventures with without dialog and just a bit of descriptive text above the action.

Shows what you could get away with when comics were plentiful mostly ignored and cost only a dime.

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Heck of a cover picture.... however.... why are there blood vessels going to his horns? 
I haven't followed DD in quite a while, he doesn't have horns sticking out his head now does he?!!!?
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There is already an image about this that is making the rounds. 
Five years later


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Until at least one kid.