Those Daffy 50's & Some Lesser Known Comic Heroines

1. Hey pal shut up, I’m trying to watch a depressing movie here. On second thought, just shut up altogether.    First of a long line of public service comics put out in 1951 by of all groups the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association, after this they first went with two issues of Smokey Stover and then from then until this very day switched their own character Sparky the Fire-Dog. Sparky however has left us on our own in regard to atomic doom. 

2. This is the fifth and last comic produced for the American Dental Association in 1954 by the company started by Will Eisner when he left commercial comics. Back during that era they were saying that comics caused everything from juvenile delinquency to a plethora perversions that most proper people in the 50’s were not even suppose to even know about.

And here’s proof that its true, with this one handed out for free in dentist’s offices trying to impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!

3. Further proof of the corrupting influence of comics, I’m no expert on these things, but I’m pretty sure this is some sort of fetish to SOME people, you know the ones I’m talking about THOSE people. Probably have a dozen different groups dedicated to it on Yahoogroups and any number of web pages about which I will not speak.

Not that I would visit any one them!

4. At least some comics were on the right track back then, showing how things should be. 


1.  Sue & Sally, The Flying Smith Sisters. Appearing in just 7 comics in 1962, not long, but it should be noted as impressive for 1962 when female comic book heroines were thin on the ground . Use to be a romance comic called My Secret Love, but the Silver-Age was heating up, and romance comics were lagging and so Sue and Sally, nurses of the Emergency Corps Rescue Team,  were born. Probably about due for a retooling and reappearance.

2.  From 1948 a very unusual creation from Gordon “Boody” Rogers, but then all of Boody’s creations were pretty unusual to downright weird. This comic, which survived for 11 issues told the adventures of Babe Boone, who due to her life long imbedding of lighting juice (distilled from the bark of oak trees struck by lightning) is stronger, faster, and more agile than almost anyone else in the world, turning to sports she become the first women to play major league baseball, winning two World Series almost single handed while also giving football and boxing a try (rejected because she bad about the damage she has to inflict “on all those defenseless men” to play those games. Mostly however the comic tells about her live at home in Possum Holler in the Ozarks home of Babe as well as a merman who lives on land and gets around on crutches, a three legged caveman hatched from an egg that rolled out of a volcano, patches of land that if you blunder into them reverse your gender, and a community of centaurs. think Al Capp on acid and you have Babe’s adventures.

3.  From 1952 we have G. I. Jane, a comic series more 50’s normal,

In other words, condescension and sexism is so thick you could spread it on toast like butter. Nice artwork though.

4.  And then we have Untamed Love. 

The theme of the story based on the cover?


Guys can’t resist chicks who dress like Ming the Merciless.    


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What were they smoking back then?

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Oh man, these are great. That Fire and Blast one is hilarious. "We'll be far from helpless. I'll fight off that blast wave with my bare hands!"