B.F.F., Best Friends Forever? No, Before Fantastic Four.

Here it is, almost 50 years since the premier of Fantastic Four # 1, the comic book that would eventually help change the whole comic book industry.

And I’m sure there will be some whoop de do about it, but what about the time just before FF # 1? Or for that matter what was going on around it when it first came out ?

Well take a look, the issues here are the 8 magazines that were being published by Marvel at the time and came out the either one or two months before Fantastic Four # 1, or with a couple, the same month as FF # 1.

Can we conclude anything from this?

Yes… Marvel REALLY needed the Fantastic Four! 


Posted by feebadger

I love it! I think people forget that there was even a time between the creation of Captain America and the Fantastic Four at Marvel (or Timely or Atlas, depending on the period.) It's fantastic to see what was coming out at the time. It also makes me think about the idea many people have put forward that comics are too super hero oriented. It's interesting to see that even with the decline in super hero popularity in pre-marvel comics, the material is still quite narrow in its influence. The Rawhide Kid and the focus on western or war comics was really just a way of attempting heroics whilst avoiding the spandex and limitations of the comics code it seems. i always loved any title that had "suspense" in it though.