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Bat wins 1 and 3, maybe round 4

Hit girl wins round 2 though not enough cover for bats

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Stop at round 7.

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@fallschirmjager said:

@terry2012: I will at some point. Like I said I have hundreds of scans so it will take time.

That is good to hear. I know it would take some time because respectable threads take time to be complete exactly like all of the respectable thread on comicvine. Just look at Superman respectable thread. That person cover a whole lot about superman. So you taking your time is just fine. It is in no rush at all.

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@terry2012: He fought Sanda and Gaira.

I don't think Caeser has appeared.

Destroyah has though. He was badass

Thank you for the information. I want to ask you can you make a respectable thread for godzilla? That way you can posting all of the feats for godzilla in one take. And do not have to keep posting them over and over again. We can just post a link to the respectable thread.

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Team one.

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From what heard it is closer than what I thought. I do no know about The Lich King to say beside what I have read so far in this thread to say who would win.

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Okay with the changes have been made here. I'm changing my vote to Mongul.

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@lvenger: @terry2012: Here's a couple more.

Godzilla tanking a nuke

Here's a good quantifying scan of how powerful his atomic breath is: destroys Mt Rushmore in 1 shot.

Here's a cool sequence in which after Godzilla got temporarily beaten, Battra and Mothra (under the control of the twins) carry him to a nuclear plant, blow the place up and the nuclear explosion heals him (Godzilla feeds on radiation remember). they were under the impression they would be able to control the King....not so much :)

Here's a good showing of strength. Godzilla dragging half of a submarine in 1 hand. (that's a multi-thousand ton feat)

And here's a better strength feat...picking Mechogodzilla up over his head and throwing him (while getting shot at by another one). IDW doesn't have official stat listings for their monsters that I know of, but every incarnation of Mechogdozilla has weighted at least 40,000 tons and as much as 160,000 tons.

I have lots more. Nearly 250 scans of all his IDW showings and some 150 more of other monsters for context.

Most of his feats are combat based though, fighting and defeating other monsters and I would have to post long sequences to fully appreciate the feat...and I'm too lazy for that :P

Thank you very much for posting the scans. Laughing out loud because I kinda figure it would be a lot to post. Did he fight the Gargantuas brothers and King Caesar yet in IDW?

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king my a$$ :p

In the first issue they hit him with a nuke, all it did was piss him off and he gained the ability to use atomic breath cause of it. His breath can blow away mountains (he destroyed mount rushmore in 1 shot) and he usually spams it.

He can also use it as a AOE pulse instead of shooting it out of his mouth, it fires off his scales.

Physically he tosses around other kaiju with ease. He just picked up Mechogodzilla over his head and threw him down (i don't think an official stat existed for IDW, but Mechogodzill has ranged anywhere from 40,000-160,000 tons). I'm pretty sure he's also thrown someone across a city, but I don't remember which one.

Really good healing factor too. No showings of regening limbs, but deep wounds he has healed no problem.

He has TONS of combat experience and has basically sh!t on every monster they've put up against him. Off the top of my head he's only lost 2 times. To Keizer Ghidorah and just recently Mecha Ghidorah captured him after he had beaten off 4 Mechogodzillas at once. (that happened in yesterday's issue)

I can give scans for all of this if you give me some time.

Yes Please post scans of IDW godzilla.

He has already. On Page 1 in the spoiler blocks.

You see the comment below your above in this page is what I'm talking about when he posted more of them. I know he posted some but I wanted to see more from IDW godzilla because I do not get the chance to read them. Forgive me for not being specific enough.