Mechanical Kong vs The Green Gargantua

The Battle take place in Ireland.

neither is good and neither cares.

Gargantua is Bloodlust

Mechanical Kong can go all day long and all night long.

Kong have to win by killing the Gargantua

Gargantua have to win by Incapacitation

They can not go into the water.

Who wins

This might be edit to add on, but for the time being it like this until I can add on something better.


Piccolo Vs Pikkon

Battle take place in hyperbolic time chamber.

Both are at full power

Piccolo is at the cell saga level

Neither is blood lust

win by KO

edit: Piccolo is now even with Pikkon


Comic Heroes Who Don't Get Enough Time In The Comicbooks

This blog is about Comic books heroes who don't get enough time in the comics. They are only cameos or they are almost never seen again. Some them are never seen. What are thoughts on this? Who would you like to see in the comics? This not about your everyday heroes. This about heroes like Blue marvel or The Ray


If You Believe In GOD Then Why Do You Vote

The blog is about if you believe in GOD should you vote or should you do not vote. I mean GOD is your everything and your source right? Then why do you believe in voting when you say it not going to get right any time soon. It another system of control, but who is in control here? Is it us or is it them? whoever they are is. All the people get is a bunch of promises that only half of it is met, and the other half seem like it has been forgotten. I had to ask myself this question, If you are voting for a person who you never met before in your life, but only seen them in T.V. and only heard what others have told you, And yet you will more than likely to not ever meet in them person in your life. The question that come to mind is Do you really know them? If the answer is no, then why are you voting? This will bring you to the question, Why are you voting for someone who you do not know? Sure everybody has their reasons according to him or her. Some of them are good or very good reasons and some them are bad or very bad reasons. There are some that are just opinions and nothing more. Do we even ask the question can that person be trustworthy? Are we missing the big picture here? Why vote for a system that has not been corrected or wont fix it self right?

What are you thoughts on this? Please leave religion out of this because it has nothing to do with religion. This is about you beliefs in GOD and nothing more.