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Another Vrakmul account.

The terror of the Earth

Born to a family of hippies in the eighties, Sarah Madison was raised on a belief that nature held importance above all other things. But unlike her parents, she started to believe that the best way to achieve a balance between nature and man was not to live in coexistence, but for Nature to subsume and consume man in a violent manner. Her childhood was fairly unremarkable, though she was noted for her often disturbing rants against mankind and her extremely impassioned arguements for the defense of nature.

She was also a notably bright child and immediately poured her attentions into studying the Maddest of Sciences and the Darkest of magics to help her achieve her goal, believing that the world of man could only be made subservient to mother earth once more through a combination of science and magic. By the time she graduated from college, she was already a noted scientist and sorceress, but still she was not satisfied. She scoured the Earth for what she needed, gathering something of a cult around her, those people who shared her beliefs and were awed by her determination and her abilities.

She gathered the foulest magical artefacts and the most dangerous of technological objects in her quest, her organization quickly taking on the name of the "Terramachy" or the Earth war in a combination of ancient greek and Latin. For it's goal was to shift the tide in the war between Nature and Mankind forever in the balance of Mother earth. For most of the first decade of the 2000s, the organization was rapidly deemed to be the most dangerous group of eco-terrorists on the planet, with cells all over the world.

What she did not know was that her efforts were being aided by the Black Hand, which wanted to create yet another organization to bog down their Nemeses while expending very little of their own resources and manpower, and so they secretly provided the Terramachy with money, technology, and magic for their efforts, allowing the organization to rapidly and continuously balloon in power and influence. The organization bombed dams, lit logging camps on fire, unleashed infestations of lethal insects into housing areas, infested farmer's fields with weeds, butchered mining stations, and other heinous crimes in the name of their extremist values.

Sarah's last photograph of herself the day before she transformed.

Other Radical Environmentalist groups soon grew to admire and throw their support behind the Terramachy, believing that they were the way to achieving their twisted goals, while more moderate groups condemned them in public only to funnel further support to them behind closed doors. Other organizations that had a bone to pick with the status quo also began to funnel their support to the Terramachy, though mostly out of public sight, as most of the public still thought they were completely insane. Even some metahumans supported the organization, resulting in super battles over the organization's various attacks on industrial society.

Sarah was only too happy with how things were going, to her, the idea of the works of man going down in flames so that the Earth could rush in was not something to be abhorred and avoided, but something to be sought after and embraced. And soon, she believed she would have the power to engage in this act. Even during the Third world War and the subsumation and reclamation of many of the world's nations by empires that came and went, the Terramachy continued to remain active, for they were on the verge of achieving their goal, on the cusp of their long sought after destination, on the precipice of their greatest desire; Apotheosis.

Finally, in the year of two thousand and twelve, having gathered all she needed, Sarah underwent a ritual and procedure that imbued her with a portion of the power of each of the primal gods, some of Ra's Light, a bit of Apep's darkness, a piece of Gaea's earth, a fraction of Ryujin's water, a portion of Imasura's air, and a tad of Tartarus' flame. Her body expanded and her cells stretched. Her form became gelatinous and amoeba like, while her bones began to swim towards the outside of her body to become hardened carapaces. Her organs became colossal cell like organelles as she became the ultimate representation of nature. She had become a monstrous goddess, a being with unbelievable power tied to the very nature of the Earth.

She was no longer Sarah madison, now, she was the Terramachy, the frontline soldier in what would become Nature's new war against mankind. She turned to her loyal followers and altered them as well, causing their bodies to swell, mutate and expand as they become monstrous beings who could match even some of the most powerful of meta-humans, while her meta-human allies were similarly mutated into greater versions of these twisted beasts. The rocks, plants, fungi, and minerals themselves took the shapes of humanoids to become foot soldiers in her army, while animals danced to her will, becoming more feral and monstrous as they turned into more warriors in the army of Nature. Now she was ready.


Height: Varies, well over one hundred meters (328 feet tall) Can create smaller avatars that can take any shape she pleases.

Mass: Varies, well over sixty thousand tons.

Eye colour: N/A, Formerly Green.

Hair colour: N/A, Formerly Red.

Skin colour: N/A, body is transluscent blue with brownish bone plating in certain points.

What Sarah looks like now.

Aliases: Gaea's Fury, Terramachy, Nature's wrath, Ecopocalypse

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Real name: Sarah Madison

Gender: Female

Hometown: Hoboken, New Jersey.

Powers and abilities

Strength: Terramachy's strength is immeasurable, more than a match for any metahuman out there. Her strength is sometimes though of as being literally infinite, she has created massive tsunamis and earthquakes by simply slamming her fists into the ground, and Adamantium is no stronger to her than Aluminum is to the incredible hulk.

Durability: Terramachy is tremendously durable and can walk off point blank nuclear detonations. Even the mightiest of metahuman attacks cannot destroy her form, even assaults that could have destroyed entire planets cannot destroy her body, though assaults of such magnitude will incapacitate her. .

Immortal: As long as life from the Earth remains, so will Terramachy, though she can be incapacitated.

Healing factor: Terramachy is capable of enormously swift regeneration. No disease or poison may touch her.

Antibodies: Inside Terramachy's gelatinous body are a series of antibodies whom will furiously attack those who try to strike at her Weak point, her nucleus. These antibodies are not only incredibly strong and resilient, but they also have devastating lightning barrages.

Will of the Earth: Terramachy and her creatures spread a virus called the Will of the Earth that left unchecked, mutate the victim into beasts under her control.

Hive mind: All of those fully infected by the Will of the Earth are linked to Terramachy.

Control over nature: The natural world and it's power are fully under Terramachy's control.

Magic: Sarah still retains her magical prowess even in this horrific form. Her magic has only increased in potency following her transformation into the Terramachy.

Avatar: Sarah can create avatars of herself from biomass or natural materials that take any shape she desires.

Psionic: Sarah's new form has a great deal of psionic capacity.

Intelligent: Sarah was intelligent enough to pursue both the sciences and the arcane arts to very great degrees, and if anything, her intellect has only increased.


Nucleus: Attacking Sarah's Nucleus enough will incapacitate her, though it is still immensely durable. Curiously, damage of a psionic nature is best suited to attacking Sarah's Nucleus.