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Kal Kent should Solo. Majestic is a good match for Surfer, but he would loose after a decent fight. Kent is a different story though.

Unless the Avengers have Death seed Sentry on their team along with Starbrand, Captain Universe, Classic Strange and ALLOT of Prep for Richards, Stark, Banner, Kent is to much imo.

I have no idea why FF and the Hulk family is here though?

Kal Kent is Skyfather level. He is almost Odin level.

Well you do have a point a the force jacket would end this .

Some people wanted me to add more hulks . I guess they are referring to Red Hulk . Leob style

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I made this thread over three years ago i will edit it . Hulk is included .

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Uchiha clan got this .

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I think superman . Took a beating to find out what his plans was. Superman didnt even throw a punch

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In that comic i saw recently superman didnt even fight back . Superman wasnt even trying .

His powers is from the 4D and he is able to Absorb and manipulate all energies.

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The Planet busting feats are always with faults.

Lets cover gladiator feat . He went to a basically dead system. The planet was already dead and not even stable i think it said it in the scans. With enrage blows like what he did eve Thing could have done that.

WBHulk . Another fault with the combine effort of two powered up HULK to their max / both with energy projection. Did create a force to disrupt the planet for it to explode later on. Now the problem is they didnt but the planet on sheer force or single the planet was still intact . until it blew up later.

Other planet the size or anything isnt stated half time it looks like a moon.

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The Team Stomps .

If you have doubts Go look up HOG kyle and Hal Para Threads .

What you guys fail to see each of them is on or above Thanos level and with the two combine its slaughter .

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@sophia89 said:

As someone who read all comics involving both parties,I can safety say who the winner is without bias or lack of knowledge.

First you should look at their top feats

IGAU YL SM's best feats is

  • Blitzing an entire army that was spread across Earth in Seconds.
  • Pushing Mogo into the Sun in seconds(While amped by all the fear of people on Earth watching him kill Canary).

DSS's best feats is

  • Lifting Existar and moving at FTL speeds.
  • Blitzing Thor many light years away in seconds.

You decide who wins.

The winner in my opinion is the guy whose first name is the same as a creature that lives under the sea and enjoys eating fast meal foods.

I went and checked back uncan avengers 21/ 22 and i was correct He lifted a dead Existar with nothing left in him basically a shell. He didnt move at no faster than light speeds that is high assumptions.

DSS did blitz Thor traveling at above light speeds .

I am not sure if you are trying to down play Injustice superman feat . I think you forgot to mention he didnt just Push Mogo . Get the feat info right. The guardian was also been attacked by superman. First the guardian blasted superman with a blast that basically one shotted him in the comic . The same blast didnt even phase him. When he attacked the guardian with great force and speed . Mogo also blasted him with a planetary Blast yes that is correct. Even then that didnt stop injustice superman . You were right amped by billions of people fear on earth yes to the sun in seconds. You forgot to mention Black Canary was Amped as well to regular superman level and she got one shotted .

Based off Feats Injustice superman Stomps . The ring amp and Fear amp from billions of people of earth is more than enough plus the power of constructs and imagination.

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Sentry hasnt shown nothing high feat wise .

Thanos hasnt shown anything travel speed wise or reaction wise that he can react to sentry physically

-Round 1. Hand to hand fight. . Thanos has better feats . Sentry holding thor by the neck isnt enough

-Round 2. Telepathic battle. none has shown anything on a high level but thanos wins due to better feats

-Round 3. Energy-based powers only. / thanose prove this with tech and basic powers

-Round 4. All powers/abilities allowed. well death seed sentry prove to be pain but trapping him in a shield should be an answer . but feat wise thaos never done it so sentry

-Win by any means, all rounds.