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To think the future looked so bright around two or three years ago. Young Justice had the potential to create a new DCAU, Green Lantern and the DC Nation shorts opened the possibilities of doing shows about DC heroes beyond just Batman, even Beware the Batman by its end had the potential to dethrone B:TAS as the best Batman show. Now all that potential is gone.

Marvel also had something great going with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but again, they chose to pander to the movie crowd and killed it. They didn't try to capture the spirit and substance of something like that or Spectacular Spider-Man. A huge shame.

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I'm just gonna wait for the complete series to come out. Especially the special edition with all the special features. I'm a real "bells & whistles" kinda guy.

But seriously, this show was way underrated.

Not gonna happen. Kids shows in general are skimped out on bonus features.

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Also, I should mention that iTunes, PlayStation Network, and others, have been releasing episodes from this disc and unaired on television. They're up to episode 18 right now, with 19 coming out this Saturday.

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This show is nominated for a Emmy.

Yeah, multiple Emmys actually. It ended up losing to the bland Kung Fu Panda TV show, though.

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This show is still going? :( That's depressing.


this show needs to die!!! Comic book cartoons suck nowadays!

They do! Beware the Batman?!?! Avengers Assemble?!?! and worst of all Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H tf is this.

Beware is actually good, though.

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@masterdetective: is it a second season, or just the 2nd half of season one?

I was enjoying it a lot. I need to catch up. Haven't seen any since they took it off the air for a bit.

It's the second half of one, but there's a new story arc. Basically like Green Lantern: The Animated Series, but with the first arc lasting 15 and the second one 11 episodes.

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I've seen all but the second-to-last episode of the series. It's been a fun, fun ride, and it's a shame we can't get more of it.

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Does anyone else feel that Deathstroke screams Bane in many ways these days,not just SOB but even Arrow to a large extent channels Nolan's Bane though their Slade,same goes for the description of these new Beware the Batman episodes.

And it doesn't just stop at Slade/Bane,we have Anarky/Joker too,even Magpie/Catwoman.

Only Nolan's versions, though. If they were imitating traditional Bane, then yes. But Nolan's Bane is already a bit removed, so drawing from that dilutes the inspiration. Though, yeah Deathstroke is being pushed way too much. I hope his appearance in this show is more respectful than SoB's.

Anarky is not similar to Joker. Faux-anarchism and stereotypes existed long before Nolan's Joker, and that's what the show's Anarky embraces. Also, Magpie is way too unstable, stalker-ish, and murder happy to be similar to Catwoman. Batman doesn't even return her affections.

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It's already cancelled, but Toonami is basically airing the episodes CN refused to air, from 12 to 26, making them "new".

Also, for those in the UK or those who have access to UK television, Amazon UK's Instant Video/Lovefilm service has ALL of the episodes on stream. They even have a 30-day free trial if you haven't subscribed to them before.

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Bruce Timm's 3 min short was superior to anything we seen in "Beware the Batman"