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The Flash's success is well-deserved. A fun, well-built comic book show.

Shame that Beware the Batman didn't win, though, as the episodes aired this year were excellent. TMNT's only highlight this year was the season two finale. Everything else was underwhelming.

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Voted for Flash, Beware the Batman, and Constantine.

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I can't believe Beware the Batman is losing to Ultimate Spider-Man, of all things. Really people?

Also, glad to see The Flash dominating.

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Why is Beware the Batman on this list? Young Justice, Wolverine, and Spectacular Spider-man I understand (I haven't watched Green Lantern), but Beware the Batman?!!


Then you haven't seen much animated shows at all.

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@kevrob said:

Young Justice getting the Axe, especially when it's story was at the point it was at, is juts criminal. But the real salt in the wounds is that YJ was trown out to make room for Beware The Batman which they subsequently canceled.

Beware was never meant to replace YJ. They were both produced at the same time, but the show was delayed due to the Aurora Shootings.

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@teneyedmen: That wouldn't have lasted, he'd be back. I do wish Katana had a better mask though, I can't see anyone seeing her by Bruce Wayne's side and not knowing who she was.

The effects were permanent. None of the people whose souls were taken were brought back. They talked about what happened to them like they were dead. Plus Katana was going on a date with Dane in another episode.

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The worst thing about Beware the Batman was that I never got to see how the romance between Katana and the scientist worked out. At least Razor and Aya had some resolution.

If you must know, Doctor Burr was soul sucked with the Soultaker Sword by Lady Shiva. He's dead.

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All of these shows had some big plans that went unfulfilled.

Beware the Batman had the formation of the Outsiders, Harvey Dent's transformation into Two-Face, and The Penguin was teased as a major villain.

Young Justice had Darkseid, another time-skip, and the Wonder Twins being introduced.

Spectacular Spider-Man had Hydro-Man, Hobgoblin, Carnage, Scorpion, Man-Wolf, and even an adaptation of the Spider-Mobile story arc.

Green Lantern had plans for Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Alan Scott, as well as adaptations of the Sinestro Corps and Blackest Night story arcs.

Wolverine and the X-Men had Age of Apocalypse. Plus Deadpool!

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Guy Gardener? Why is Hal being shafted to the max?


Are you kidding me?! Hal has been pushed down our throats in many, many projects. I'm glad they're using a different GL for once.

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@dngn4774 said:

@teneyedmen said:

@dngn4774 said:

@teneyedmen: You call an unscheduled hiatus (which lasted around half a year) and no advertising for when the show came back to be better? Season 2 was intentionally murdered by CN's production staff. YJ has had tens of thousands of fans sign online petitions for it to come back and CN refuses to bring it back. Beware the Batman will not be missed as much, nor should it be (because batman doesn't need any more media attention in a universe comprised of hundreds of popular heroes).

Beware had the same treatment, only worse. YJ wasn't pulled from CN outright and wasn't burned off at a marathon.

Cry me a river.

The only difference being no one actually wants Beware the Batman back (well besides you). It was a weaker show than young justice and only had cool animation going for it. If you took a poll on which show fans miss more YJ stomps BwTB.

I'm not arguing about what show was better or not. I was arguing about what show was treated objectively worse by CN, and that was Beware.