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Welcome to Russia which is now under the rule of Tenebrasque In. 
Under new management the lands are thriving with new crops and new ideals.  People work to earn their keep and those who govern are kept in check to create equality.  Even supernaturals and maeta-humans are held in the same regard as equals.  Dragons respawned from the realm of the dead creating a safe haven for even them.  Crime rates have gone down, but still exists just as in any nation.  Tenebrasque In allows the people to govern themselves and only steps in when chaos becomes apparent.

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The one behind it all smiled as she watched the little ants run from the storm. Looking through her crystal mirror she spotted Kain sitting in his laboratory. To cause more strife among the group it was time to allow things to fall further into place. Her pawns were placed strategically over all that was Tenebrasque In from Iceland, Russia, and into the base floating above. The homunculi were doing what they were made to do in causing chaos and destruction.

“What do we do now?” A voice spilled into the room from behind her. Smiling as she spotted her cohort. The red and black hair hung down her cohort’s shoulders and back. In Kain’s reality the two standing died long ago, but in their reality they lived and neither died.

We wait and allow the pawns a chance to play.”

Do we allow him to play as well?” Pointing toward Kain.

We allow him this moment and take it later from him. He is plotting for more power and not of us.”

What of her?”

Hmmm…she will be our little snag in this moment.”

What shall we do then?”

A simple scoff came from her lips. “Send Death’s daughter after her. Perhaps she will not fight her own sibling and die.”

So it shall be done.” The black and red hair flew up as she turned around quickly to release the homunculus to kill its prey. They had set up a dwelling within Russia with its vast expanse of land it would be hard to narrow down where they were with the homunculi running sporadically about the lands.

Take this moment in Kain, for I will steal your happiness as you weep for death.”

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@SkybornLord: Post in this RP or else!!!! GRRRR!

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@SkybornLord: It will hit the fan soon!!!

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Tenebrasque In was sitting pretty after the takeover of Iceland. Few challenged the team of mass murders. Each member went on about their day as normal while in another land someone was growing ever more angered and displeased with what they viewed upon the mirrors of fate. Twisted by rage and pure grief, they set into motion a plot.

Twisting the fabric of reality to almost its’ breaking point to accomplish a new and higher plan......but first the game pieces must be put into place.

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@FALLENprophet: Thank you.

@614azrael: LMAO!

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The loss of a loved one will make anyone go to lengths they normally would not and in this case it will affect all of Tenebrasque In. Someone is making an assault on Tenebrasque In and each of the members. Together they must work as a team or fall in the depths of one’s madness. Coming soon…

This is a Ten In member only RPG…thank you for your support in reading this. ^_^

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@FALLENprophet: Then why not use Ermac?

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@Ult_GBandit: yeah it was discussed sometime in one of the pages before