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Everyone with an iDevice, please check out this game it is AMAZING.

Warm Gun


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@Lvenger said:

The Hiroshoma Bomb was one example and using scared children as soldiers, regardless of whether they have superpowers or not is another. There are some moral codes that should not be broken.

Dude if their had been an invasion of the mainland the Japanese were prepared to die for their emperor which they believed was a God. I remember reading that they were to arm women and children with sharp or blunt objects and to have them fight off the invading forces. Now imagine a full grown American soldier killing children in self-defense. I'm not saying dropping the bomb or not dropping it was right, they were in a situation where regardless of the outcome life was going to be lost, there is no escape from that.

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I hope this split in the x-men doesn't end up as lame as the split in the Justice Society was... I already see the similarity where All Stars was primarily composed of the younger members just like Wolverine's team. I think splits are stupid honestly, I really hope that these writers can deliver a more promising read than the JSA did.

And I'm with Cyclops! They are pushed into a corner all the time, they have to either die with their morals or survive while compromising them. This is in order to HOPEFULLY let future generations live with those morals. As long as there is hope for something, just keep fighting for it.

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I just found out this game is available on Redbox. I canceled my pre-order and switched it to Battlefield 3 instead, and I'll rent x-men someday :P

6 Hour Campaign broke the deal for me, thats 10 dollars an hour. The straw that broke the camels back.

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I honestly don't mind the graphics, I can overlook that as long as I'm having fun. Usually what fun equals to me is:

1. The atmosphere (X-men universe is already a +1 in my book)

2. Gameplay (I can usually enjoy a really mediocre game)

So I'm definitely going to play this game, however depending on the reviews and scores it gets I may just cancel my pre-order of this title and wait for it to go down in price. I'm hoping its at least rough around the edges, or there are a lot of mutants in this game. Maybe it might even be a surprise wonder. I just hope these reviews come out fast enough today.

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I've seen all of these toys in a toy store near the santa monica pier in LA. I debate on buying one of them :P

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Please be in the Justice Society of America! Oh how perfect life would be.

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Oh man, this is awesome. Justice Society series on Earth-2, I can not wait!

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I really liked how Power Girl was called Power Woman in one future scenario of Justice League: Generation Lost, she was even wearing the S symbol! I think it will happen in due time, she definitely deserves to be Power Woman.