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Real name: Telon of the dead place (after translation) Code name: Telon /Powers/abilities: flight (mark 8) super speed (mark 3) durability (invincible level durability), super strength (80 tons), matter manipulation. (both organic and non organic) armed and unarmed combat experience, strategist, intellect (NOTE: Telon only uses about half of his phyisical abilities in 1v1 combat leaving him with 40 ton strength mark four flight speed mark one and a half super speed) Bio : Telon was a warrior from another world he is of a sub-species called Garbarians, he lived to fight and killed more people than our worlds cancer just because he could he was one of the remaining hundred of sivls and garbarians that were given the genetic code of their species all died but two Solar Eclipse and Telon they were the strongest of their race even though Solar was a mere child Telon did not want to be the rebirth of his race he wanted to make sure he was the last of his kind and the most powerful being in the universe but something he didn't plan on happening happened Solar was alive so he sabotaged solars ship and arrived on earth ahead of solar causing him to run free adopting a more human appearance as he began his process to take over and alter the planet earth while Solar was captured by scientists and held captive as he grew while Telon began work on his plans. Notes:Telon does not fight with his powers often instead he will rely on his wits and planing to win a battle. Telon uses his matter manipulation to show off never in a battle