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I don not want Songbird, her powers stink but, I would rather have Moonstone because she is more popular and needs to be in a game!

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Post ideas for Justice Heroes 2

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@Aronmorales: That idea is interesting so, I hope you like mine!
Green Lantern+Hulk=Gamma Lantern: The Ghost of the Universe(Ghost Riders+Universe Guardians)bring the Gamma Lantern Corps together so, Barbara Sur(Babara Ketch+Abin Sur)can infiltrate a graveyard and bring  Red Death(Deathwatch+Atrocitus) to prison. Red Death breaks out of jail to mame Barbara and leave but, Barbara flys to Coast York City(New York+Coast)with the last of her strength! Hal Banner(Bruce Banner+Hal Jordan)joins Ross Airforce(Ferris Team+US Military)with Carl Ross(Carl Ferris+Thaddues Ross)and meets Carol Ross who becomes the love of his life. At the Ross Airport(Ferris Air+US Military Base),Rick Sterward(Rick Jones+John Steward) gets to close to an Atomic Bomb! Hal gets Rick to safety but, Barbara crashes into the Atomic Bomb causing an explosion! Barbara gives Hal her Hell Ring(Power Ring+Hellcycle)before she dies and Hal keeps it. When ever the Hell Ring is worn Hal becomes a beast but, if it is off he will return to normal. The Ghost of the Universe use the Atomic Battery(Atomic Bomb+Power Battery) to power up Hal and recruit him as a Gamma Lantern!          
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On this forum you can post how Amalgam Comics should be done. You can post rightful hybrids of characters, locations, objects and teams. Here is an example! 
Batman+Spider-Man=Arachnid-Knight: Thomas and Martha Parker(Thomas & Martha Wayne+Richard & Mary Parker)become rich when they become secret agents. On the way back home in a plane with Bruce Parker(Bruce Wayne+Peter Parker), a criminal shoots both of them to gain there money! He leaves the the plane when it lands and Bruce is taken to an orphanage by Ben Thompkins(Ben Parker+Leslie Thompkins). Bruce attends a Karate School  and becomes a Martial Artist. A scientist creates Radiator but, a spider is caught in the blast at the Science Fair! It infects a bat and the bat glides to Bruce to bite him before dying. To test his new powers he wins the Sumo Wrestling match but, he avoids a criminal that passes by him. He is adopted by May Pennyworth(May Parker+Alfred Pennyworth)once Ben is shot by that criminal and he decides to become Arachnid-Knight! Bruce gets a job at the Daily Cave(Daily Bugle+Batcave)as a photographer in Goth York City(New York+Gotham).         

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Have there been any characters similar to Bizarro in the Marvel Universe?

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If you could turn all your favorite heroes, villains, locations and items into food or beverages what would you do?

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Eddie Brock could return as Anti-Venom

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All you need to do is list its name, color, what it does, who has it and how they use it
Name: Zero Kryptonite
Color: Red and White
What it Does:Can take the shape of any weapon
Owner: Deathstroke
Use: With this he will enter a contest which involves fighting Elektra to earn $700   

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 Part 1
 Halo Universe

Master Chief: He is the last Spartan alive but, can he will keep that title?

Pillar of Autumn: Will the base for United National Space Corps survive a Covenant invasion?  

Grunts: Are often armed with a Plasma Pistol to defend them.
Elites: Run in battle to slash with there Energy Sword!
Jackals: Use Plasma Pistol in an offensive way while defending with an Energy Shield. 
Hunters: If hit from the back there will attack with a Fuel Rod Cannon!

MA5B Assault Rifle: Is the default range weapon for Master Chief.
M90 Shotgun: Is the default melee weapon for Master Chief.
M9 HE-DP Grenade: Is the default trap weapon for Master Chief.
Plasma Pistol: Can be used for accurate and weak damaging.
Energy Sword: This will probably miss a couple times but, it is definably worth it!   
Energy Shield: It lasts for a short period while reflecting attacks. 

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Armed Combat


Armored Combat brings popular First-Person/Third-Person Shooting games into 1 video game!


Left Trigger: Grab an weapon
Right Trigger: Drop an weapon
Left Bumper: Reload
Right Bumper: Target
Back: Map
Start: Pause
Left Stick: Move
Hold Down Left Stick: Crouch (Crawling will be your movement)
Right Stick: Look Around
D-Pad: Use an item
A: Jump
B: Melee Weapon
X: Range Weapon
Y: Trap Weapon  

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