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@Olympian_Champion: HAHAHAH, That's probably what it is

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@Olympian_Champion: Yeah, I'm kinda hype about what happens next lol

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@VictorGrey: I'll check if out after my post.

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@VictorGrey: Oh ok. I was about to say, no one can even touch you.

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@VictorGrey: Well of course they are; but your powers to weakness ratio needs a lot of work.

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Bout to drop a quick post

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@VictorGrey: Says the insanely overpowered god.

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“Gambler hmm” the Nazi slum lord sat back rocking in his chair thinking of the best course of action. The room was as dark as it was cold; every now and then a lightening flash would “light up the darkness” and briefly give his minions a preview of his crimson skull. “It appears zer is a new king on zee battle field” he said, walking with his hands positioned behind his back. “I entered zee prison at zee age of only 19; I have been a ruler of zee’s parts for ages!”

Moving towards the back of the room; where various members from around the city; A blood, a Crip, An ms13 and an Aryan. The four prisoners were gaged with their hands tied behind them; all bearing something from the rival gang. “This is zee part that I find so endearing” bending down in front of his victims he spoke to the Blood and Crip member once. “I knew a n!gger once; I actually took heem in as mine apprentice; he paid me back by stealing my armor!”. The sweat bearing down off the skin of the two men before him told the story; they were scared for their lives and rightfully so.

He rose to his feet, executed a perfect right face; followed by a center face on the other to. “I have nothing to say to you my friend” he said, placing his hand on the shoulder of the ms13. “You will die here today” he continued, this time speaking directly in the face of the Aryan member. “Do naught fret, death is easy my friends, it is life that is hard”. Three of his henchmen brought three different weapons in the room; there was a machete, a chain saw, and a sharpened pencil.

The baron moved towards the back of the room, entering a solidary observation chamber. He watched as the gas slowly began to clamber within the walls of the chamber. A mere 15 seconds went pass and the victims were already screaming a bloody scream; finally the screaming stopped. Once the mustard green gas filtered out of the room; the Crip holding the pencil won. He stood blood over the other men in a triumphant stance. “The sickest minds can find all types of nasty things to do wiff a pencil”, the baron remarked, ecstatic that his gas was a success. “I shall be called Agent Fear!” he chuckled sinisterly.

“Everyone form it up!” he once again, began to pace around the room; watching as his “army” began to form up. As he walked past they saluted him; giving honor to what all they were about to do. “Zee time has come, for us to make our move. TEAR THIS CITY APART!” The Baron screamed motivating his own men; the hordes upon hordes of henchmen chanted the Baron’s name in praise.

“Make zee master proud” Baron said, turning his back and entering his office; the moment he did so; he placed a highly effective pro-mask on his face and set the fear agent off on his own people. The combination of lightening, rain, darkness and fear caused them to riot out on to the streets. “My freedom is neigh” he said, fading into the darkness with the back of his nightmarish red skull giving off a dull glow in the darkess.

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@Mercy_ said:

@Ziccarra_Liafador Editman's posting? Sweeet.

Can I have my d!ck back thank you very much. lmao

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