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@Surkit: -_- Really.


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Wait this aint da same rpg?

What's this one about?

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@VictorGrey: It's neighboring city

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Isolated explosions were dispersed throughout the city, just because then Cajun had come and gone did not mean Ruin Kingdom would return to normal. The warden was dead; a victim of his own greed and faulty ambition. Multiple security guards would never return home to their families; because of the gruesome and yet beautiful inner workings of the Kingdom. Just before the Baron made is way to the main gate; he saw what looked like huge domes of energy overtake downtown. The heat caused his pits to secrete sweat; furthermore he had to turn away from its immense light as to not be blinded by it.

He said nothing; he just allowed the horrific details of his imprisonment and the fortune details of his release to speak for him. All across the city, there were defenders doing their best to try and keep this contained, they were trying their best to make sure this demon construct kept its contents within. These were just defenders none of them fully equipped to handle the likes of the Cajun, Ziccarra, or Arrow; much less himself. From the tip-toe moment the Cajun stepped in the Ruin Kingdom; he knew that one day he’d be freed. His imprisonment brought so many from; New France to as far as Utopia, for numerous reasons and these so called heroes forgot the golden rule of heroics. “Knowing is half zee battle” he chuckled, sinisterly as he stood on an unearthed ledge. The golden haired woman was locked in a fateful encounter with another woman downtown.

Most of the guards were too busy focusing on what seemed to be some sort of super- prison riot. The Ruin Kingdom had evolved from a typical mad house; whoever was responsible for the riots probably had no clue about what they had done. Exciting super-criminals was one; however the other was show the adolescent stages of human evolution.

A simple spray in the face of his fear agent caused the armed guards at the main gate to turn on one another. “A fool escapes; a man leaves the same way he entered” Otto remarked, walking through processing with his hands buried deep within the pockets. Before he made it completely out the door he stopped. His rubber boots only four tiles away from freedom; the strain and struggle were evident just in his boots. Glancing back at the Ruin entrance; this time with his pro-mask on he chuckled. The ground beneath him began to shake; the sound of metal smashing against the walls of the kingdom could be heard screeching as he stood.

As he looked at the Ruin entrance, he could hear a faint sound, something that sounded like screams. He took one step towards freedom and the screams became a little louder. Two steps, the sounds of the screams were clearly heard now. Opening the door, the burning dirigible could be seen sending plumes of smoke into the unsuspecting night; however smoke and sulfur was not the only thing being pumped into the atmosphere tonight. “Fear Gas” he smiled, the gas a had formed a cloud around a neiboring city causing the town’s populace to crumble in fear of each other; pretty soon the super criminals would make this fear worse, and thus a recipe for success was born.

Pulling out his pocket watch, he proudly looked to see what time it was. A homage to the day he was placed in; when he saw the exact time he went in. Placing both his hands back into his pockets, the baron walked off with his red skull just barley showing past the back of his jacket; the coattails flapping in the wind behind him. He vanished into the spreading fear gas to embrace freedoms air

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@Mr. Mercury: Much better, he just believes in the mission in Utopia as opposed to the U.S

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“One, two, tree four, one, two, tree, four” The baron called the cadence for his own steps. He was notoriously known for creating horrible mind control agents, so notorious that the old warden imprisoned him and his cronies on Bliss Island. The night’s air had become just a tad more toxic, the city was under siege, a battle that was single handily leveling the prisons foundation was underway. The King of Kings, Jean Lebeau was trapped in this structure somewhere probably just trying to stay alive. With all this activity escaping wouldn’t be the hard part; especially since something had captured the prison guard’s attention.

Pressing his back against the cold crimson bricks, he managed to peer around a corner. Three members of the Bloods had cornered a prison guard. “Pick’em up!” one of the thugs screamed. An electric current formed in the man’s hands. The baron watched in awe, and quickly began to formulate a plan. “TELL US WHERE THE WARDEN IS!!!” the thug screamed, placing his hand on the leg of the thug. The horrid screams brought a smile upon the Red Death’s face. “A-Alright…he’s being taken to the dirigible to be flown out of here!” the guard continued to scream.

Appearing from behind the wall the baron walked up silently, with his hands positioned behind his back. “You like fear ya?” he asked, with his dirty brown trench coat flapping in the razor sharp wind. The thugs knew who he was, before this place was even on the map; he was here. “You aint punking us facist!” one of the men screamed. Running towards the baron the man burst into flames attempting to “burn” right through him. The cadence in any double time is 180 steps per minute; dividing that by the distance between him; he put that at about thirty seconds away. When he was calculated at about 90 steps away; the baron tossed down a smoke capsule. The man halted instantly and began convulsing violently. “It would seem as if some of you have abilities, everyone gets scared!” he said, picking the thug up with his peak human strength and lunching him at his buddies.

“YOU come with me!” he screamed pointing at the prison guard; the man hobbled over to the baron, and was gripped up by his collar. “This is where zee blonde does all her messages from ya?” he asked curiously. The man shook his head yes, still trying to deal with the pain in her leg. “Go now, and rewire the signal so that I’m seen in all of California, and by everyone in zee city”. Hitting the ground hard the baron watched as the man recalibrated the signal placing the access point on the dirigible. “Good work” he said, disappearing into the darkness as well. For the man’s efforts he would not be killed at least not by the baron.

The dirigible was on the northern side of town; where the old river used to run through. The old sky craft didn’t look as if it was going to fly at all, but who knew was the intentions of the blonde woman were.

Removing two canisters of his potent fear gas, he slipped them both into the helium chambers, now was the fun part. Navigating through the duct system; he searched for the Warden, outside the dirigible there were multiple guards not to many on the inside. Stopping just before the diner; the baron laid eyes on the man whom had him admitted here. Breaking the gate he dropped down in front of the warden whom was enjoying a drink of red wine.

“Gutentag” he said, stalking the warden knocking him out with a stiff right hook; the baron hoisted him up by his legs. “Where is zee camera…” he said, looking around; finally finding it he switched it on and had taken over the television sets of everyone in the vicinity of the Ruin Kingdom; as well as those towns neiboring it.

“Hello America, My name is Dr. Otto Bardas, however in this Ruin Kingdom, my name is zee RED DEATH” doing a quick left step the baron moved to the side, allowing people to see the warden hanging upside down. “This is what; I’m going to do, to all of you when I get free”. The baron pinched the sides of the warden’s skin and used his strength to yank a huge chunk of it off.

Blood gushed through the man’s sides down to the floor; however the sound of the splattering was quieted by his ghastly screams. Releasing his fear toxin in the face of the warden; he watched as the warden screamed himself into a heart attack. “Good Night America…and I’ll see you soon.” He stood giving a paralyzing stare to the camera, before the warden’s swinging body knocked it out of commission.

The guard who were outside quickly came inside holding their weapons ready to fire. “Oh, nononono” The Baron said with his hands high. “You don’t want to do that, we’ll all blow up” pushing his hands forward, he released his control agent taking control of the guards. “Release zee latch” he said, walking off the dirigible. The Air craft quickly lifted into the sky, with his dangerous toxin in it’s intestines.

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@Mr. Mercury: Nope, He's a full fledged member of the TF

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@Olympian_Champion: Yeah, it's also weird that Sean used to be in the U.S Military and a former Senator lol

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@Olympian_Champion: Sean hates both Maya and Z, but if it's the law he'll follow it lol

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@nonfiction91: Just wait till i post bro, it'll be pretty easy after that