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Beautiful Boy? 0

I picked up issue #2 completely skeptical of anyone's ability to hold my attention long enough for five issues of a Penguin origin story, boy was I wrong. After reading issue #1, I was spellbound by Szymon Kurdanski's art and Gregg Hurwitz's clear grasp of the human condition. It's very often we see in superhero stories the very black and white nature of good vs. evil, but it's never quite so simple. The most gruesome of Gotham's killers and thieves have a nefarious wanderlust that always seem t...

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As We Approach the End... 0

So there are two issues left of this wonderful and thrilling comic. Depressing bit of news isn't it? My sister, who by the way, never reads comics, picked up the first two trades at a comic shop and I kind of shrugged it off as something I may read later. In a fit of boredom one day I read the first trade and instantly recognized how important it is to not judge anything until you've been properly informed. Michael Alan Nelson is an incredible writer and he has elaborated on the story of Selena ...

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Don't Let the Title Fool You 0

I look forward to reading this comic every month and it's only issue 3! I've seriously sat and contemplated what it is I like about this comic so much and it's kind of hard to articulate, but I'll give it a shot. The human condition runs a gamut of emotions from happiness, to sadness, to depression and all of this can happen in the duration of one day! Sometimes it's easy to get trapped in a feedback loop that sort of becomes an arrested development and before you know it you've  metastasized in...

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Ogre Flog a Golfer Go! 0

First let me address the Amanda Conner cover, she manages to encapsulate the spirit of San Francisco perfectly! Seagulls, Starbucks, an IPAD and the Golden Gate Bridge all in one image. Gotta love it!When I first picked up this issue from my LCS, I groaned really loudly. Why? Because I was super annoyed that Paul Dini was not writing this issue. He is playing hop scotch with a lot of his signature titles and I couldn't believe that he did it AGAIN. But, it is Zatanna and I simply adore her, so I...

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Woah! 0

Nick Spencer, what can I say? He's the man! He obviously understands suspense and how to incorporate it into the comic book medium. Infinite Vacation is really a work of art. The long wait for issue #2 was really well worth it. It's unfortunate that it's only a 5 issue mini-series. Well on to the review... Last we left our hero, Mark was attempting to understand why all of the alternate versions of himself were getting killed off. I mean why him? He's just a regular Joe that jumps around on mini...

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More People Should Be Reading This! 0

Yes, more people should be reading this comic. I saw on some comic news site that sales are below 10,000?? Needless to say, that's not good. Sales below 10,000 means that it may suffer the same fate as Doom Patrol and Freedom Fighters. Is that why Nick Spencer signed an exclusive contract with Marvel? Well, I digress, on to the review: The Story The story is meant to be confusing, this is Nick Spencer we're talking about. He builds worlds and plot lines that are like puzzle pieces, very complica...

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Chesire Cat Got Your Tongue? 0

First I can't even begin to review this issue without gushing over the cover art by Chrissie Zullo, absolutely fantastic! In case you missed the pop culture reference used as artistic inspiration, here ya go: :   The Story 1984, Cinderella is in Thailand battling her most dangerous foe, Dorothy Gale. She quickly realizes that her fighting skill is matched in ability with Dorothy and takes to heart Bigby's Seventh Rule of Engagment: never walk into a room you don't know how to exit. She flees the...

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When Time Travel Meets Vision 0

 This is not just a simple time travel story that Jonathan Hickman has created, it's much more. It's a story of individuals struggling against and for a collective vision and the bonds that are forged along the way. What can a few dedicated souls accomplish in the interest of advancing humanity technologically, philosophically and politically in a shorter time span than was originally written in the history books? What is the morality behind utilitarian principles that place ideology and absolut...

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Earth Shatteringly AWESOME! 0

 J.H. Williams III has done it again. If you don't know what I mean by "again" please refer to Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams run in Detective Comics or read the collected trade entitled "Batwoman Elegy," trust me you won't regret it. The pencils done by Williams is truly stunning, in combination with Dave Stewart's coloring, the art is visually arresting. The story is well placed, as well as compact, but not too dense as to retract from the effectiveness of the story. As Batman attempts to uncove...

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Don't Mess With Harley Quinn 0

Ah, Harley Quinn, the character that you just can't hate. She is so psychotic, but somehow she still manages to evade being classified as a hateful villain. I remember watching her in the Batman Animated Series and I simply adored her! So how does she react when Mr. J is kidnapped by Falcone on Valentine's Day? Well, let's just say it's nothing positive; the color of the day is red and not just because it's a holiday.   The Good  James Patrick tells a great story. The writing is fun and the dial...

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How many Hail Mary's to Make this book disappear? 0

 Religious fanaticism is not my cup of tea. Watching Fabian Nicieza play hop scotch with flashbacks is not my idea of a good comic, not to mention the juvenile quality of Ramon Bachs' art. The storyline is strong, I'm sure, only for those that have a hankering for some Jesus tales. Me? I'm not interested. Michael Lane dawning the "Suit of Sorrows" even though he is well aware of it driving him to his inevitable insanity proves the intrinsic insanity of his character. He embarks on a mission to s...

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Hilarity Ensues! 0

Vartox of Valeron! He is a douche bag that speaks about himself in the third person and for some odd reason, it works for him. All the citizens of his planet are sterilized and he has but one choice! He must woe and seduce Power Girl into becoming his mate! On his planet he is quite the lady killer, but he sure hasn't met Power Girl. So what happens when he comes to Earth and forces her to "bask in the seduction musk distilled from tears of the ghost poets of dimension Seven"? Well, it's worth f...

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A Truly Captivating Story 0

I'm telling you, I was a bit skeptical after I saw two words "Grant Morrison" as the writer on the cover of issue 1. It's hit or miss with Grant and I was wondering how he was going to juggle Batman & Robin/Return of Bruce Wayne with another comic, but my skepticism was misplaced on this one.   The Most Excellent  Sean Murphy's art is to die for. I find myself awe stricken and dumbfounded at the incredible detail and beauty of Murphy's art. Perfect for this book! He has crawled into Grant Mo...

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Zombies in the Wild West? You betcha 0

I love zombie stories, but quite frankly the zombie formula does have a tendency to play itself out. Well Mark Rahner teamed up with Robert Horton to create a new vision for the popular genre. It's a lengthy 56 pages that develops the storyline nicely and kept me enthralled all the way through.The story begins with a man dissecting a dead body, while two very nauseated and pissed off law men arrest him for his unusual behavior, followed by an ominous warning from the detained man. Next we are in...

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