Bankruptcy by Comics

Ok. So I'm joking...a little. I looked at my Heavy Ink subscription list this morning and I'm thinking I may need to reign it in a bit. I'm spending more on comics than I do on food! I think I may know the solution, I'll just have to eat less LOL. I scoured my list trying to pick out comics that maybe were not necessary to fulfill my entertainment needs and I just couldn't do it, I couldn't eliminate not one. The first step is admitting you have a problem, so I think that I'll just ignore that step. Bring on the comics!

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Posted by Silkcuts

The first step to any problem is admittance :D
I have a problem too, so I know what you mean.

Posted by teewillis1981

LOL! I forgot I even wrote this blog. It was my lonely diatribe to interested comic-viners and you answered the call. My "problem" has not been resolved since June of last year and has actually gotten progressively worse LOL. Oh well, food and clothing are listed as necessities on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, but so is Awards, so uhhh yeah I'm rewarding myself every Wednesday =)