Bankruptcy by Comics

Ok. So I'm joking...a little. I looked at my Heavy Ink subscription list this morning and I'm thinking I may need to reign it in a bit. I'm spending more on comics than I do on food! I think I may know the solution, I'll just have to eat less LOL. I scoured my list trying to pick out comics that maybe were not necessary to fulfill my entertainment needs and I just couldn't do it, I couldn't eliminate not one. The first step is admitting you have a problem, so I think that I'll just ignore that step. Bring on the comics!

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Newbie Comic Reader

So it's been awhile for me. I read comics when I was a kid and now I'm back. I can actually thank Robert Kirkman and The Walking Dead for my return to Comicland. I'm wondering where to start. I've been reading mostly Batman and whatever I can find on the shelf that interests me, but I know I'm probably missing out on some really good stuff. If there's anyone out there that may be reading this blog (not likely), any recommendations?