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671208 Copycat Character Overview it was wrong. It probably came from the order the back up stories were told in the wedding of deadpool issue but her not actually dying was referring to the first time she didnt die not the last time. 03/19/15 06:28PM 14 Approved
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670444 Goku Character Overview Cell is mentioned a lot but his page is never linked to, so i made the first time his name appears link to his page. I think you missed that last time because you put "no change" I'll be sure to point out more subtle changes from now on. :) 03/18/15 08:39PM 1 Approved
667647 Goku Character Overview 03/16/15 02:18AM 0 Denied
667640 Goku Character Overview Dragon Ball Hoshi is fake, so the information there is wrong. 03/16/15 02:05AM 11 Approved
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658746 New Concept Concept Overview There needs to be a wiki page for Star Wars that talks about the whole thing as a concept. There is no page that just explains the star wars time line, the locations in it, and the movies/extended media as a whole. There are new massively popular Star Wars comics coming out now, a successful show, and a new movie just on the horizon so the Star Wars forum will be very popular. There is actually no overall Star Wars forum. There are only pages/forums for various characters, events, volumes, et 03/03/15 04:48PM 50 Denied
657893 New Concept Concept Overview because it's kind of insane that there isn't a wiki page for this. 03/02/15 11:42PM 50 Denied
641205 Karla Faye Gideon Character Overview 02/12/15 08:52PM 50 Approved
640971 Karla Faye Gideon Character Overview She's gonna be in agents of shield. 02/12/15 11:12AM 50 Approved
570174 New Character Character Overview because its awesome and cute and believe it or not Dan Slott has started to show that the board really is alive and has feelings in the current SS book. I actually have stuff I want to write about this when it gets approved because i love the current Silver Surfer book. 11/21/14 10:00AM 50 Denied
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