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@teerack: Your damn right Charlie Cox is awesome.

Cox is awesome

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@daredevil21134 said:

I didn't Like Thor.

One of the best of the Marvel-made movies by a very wide margin.

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What did you think of the Blade movies

The first 2 = great, the third = pretty awful. The tv series was quite good.

Agreed on everything except Thor

The first Thor movie is often regarded as "almost pulled off" it's pretty mediocre.

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Saw this on facebook this morning. It's horrible.

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@maccyd said:

@teerack: Why not? Death Seed Sentry is probably one of the first times the character was written well in a while.

Ew... I can't believe you just said Dark Seed Sentry was the character written good... there was hardly any character left. The entire character was based around inner conflict and eternal struggle he was never meant to be just some boring power house. Removing the human aspect of Sentry makes him a really shallow boring character.

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@spideysense44: Charlie Cox is awesome. I love him in Boardwalk Empire.

@daredevil21134: Forget all my past suggestions. I would LOVE to see a Cloak and Dagger netflix series.

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@taskforce said:

hmmm i would mind a cyborg tasky purely for the fact i respect him so much due to him only being human, but hey a alive and well tasky is better than a coma tasky

I don't think he would be a cyborg if A.I.M. managed to fix his brain. Mainly because most of the stuff that A.I.M. has been seen working on in the past few years in Inhumanity, Avengers, Avengers World, etc. Has all been based around biological research, so I think if they healed his brain it would actually just be a healed brain without any cyborg parts, and hopefully it would also cure him of his memory loss condition that was revealed in Avengers Academy.

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She's a force of nature?

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In Avengers World 9 Cannonball and Sunspot are sent to the future to stop aim from sending technology to themselves in the past, and they encounter Taskmaster from the future. I think he looks amazingly cool and I'm hopeful that this means A.I.M. will repair Taskmaster's brain dead brain soon. I really loved the idea of him being a double agent working for the Secret Avengers and I would really like to see him get back to doing stuff like that with a with a similar suit to this one.

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I'm starting to worry that this is as good as this book gets. So far it's just been a huge drop in quality from the previous volume.

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Gray boxer briefs, blue t shirt, red and black gym shorts.

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This issue was the best by far. I'm so loving this new non-ugly art. :)