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@lvenger: Oh god all I can think of is Agents of SMASH. It could also be possible that S.H.I.E.L.D. and(Avengers 35 spoilers)A.I.M. empower them again in an effort to stop Doc Green after the 8 months time skip. Doc Green is still in charge of Banner's body and is one of the most wanted men in the world like the rest of the Illuminati, plus MODOK and A.I.M. are good guys now. I do hope since Rick Jones has the blood of Bruce Banner in him now that if he does get re-powered he will look a little different. Like keeping his armor and claws, but having a more human face, hands, and feet and stuff so that he's more of a Blue Hulk then an abomination.

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Betty Ross.

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Well after having Galactus eat Sakaar and all of the War Band getting screwed over after WWH it was only a matter of time before Marvel got around to ruining the one last shred of goodness from Planet Hulk.

Good bye Skaar.

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Looks like this is it for the A-Bomb :(

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Just release the previews with everything else Marvel. If we didn't want to get spoiled we won't look at previews

I think it's nice to force people to have no idea what to expect for important books.

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Avengers 34 spoilers.

The fact Doc Green is still in control of Banner's body after an 8 month time skip sorta scares me.

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@bonifidehustla said:

@teerack said:

If you look at it that way you might as well cross out 80% of the Avengers and X-Men since so many people have the same kind of powers and make other people's powers redundant. They are both completely different people and characters and that's all that really matter.

Naw not 80% have the same powers of both the Avengers and X-men. Actually Marvel is pretty good with different powers compared to DC. There should only be 3 hulks Hulk, She-Hulk, and Skaar IMO. Then again I'm not really a fan of Avengers or X-men anymore. I care mostly about solo comics now.

No it really is like 80%. Every one just has increased speed, agility, durability, and super strength. Then when you have the more unique powers they have multiples like 5 different claw/feral mutants like wolverine, 5 spider-people, a ton of telepaths, a ton of energy absorbers/projectors, etc.

All I'm saying is if you try to cut out characters because someone else has other powers like them, then you're killing a lot of your creative freedom. It's not like powers are what make characters different.

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This series took the most aggressive nose dive I've seen since Scott Lobdel jumped off Red Hood and the Outlaws.

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This book at so much promise and now it's going back to the least interesting aspect of her character. :/