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I think it's the first and last perfect comic book.(As long as it doesn't drop the ball in the end lol) Probably going to stay my all time favorite.

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I don't know why... even though I know everything that trailer told me... it made me excited xD

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@koays said:

@teerack: Not really grasping at straws here so much as telling it like it is.

The major issue with the Trial is the idea that Jean Grey appearing on Earth provokes such a extreme response Gladiator after all this time, yes. But also the fact that this caused Jean Grey to have such a crisis that she developed a new power. A new power for Jean Grey a character who was already way past the power levels she should've been at, and a who was already considered a unusable story breaker.

AvX was only a few months ago in comic book time. The Phoenix destroyed dozens of planets on it's way to earth and Gladiator had just had a major conflict with the past Phoenix host. The actual issue that most people had with the trail of Jean Grey was it didn't seem to line up with the development Gladiator went through in Infinity where he should have had a greater respect for the earth.

You are phrasing things like you know a lot of about the original Jean Grey, but what you're actually saying is very contradictory to that. The reason Jean's power turned out the way they did is because Charles Xavier was actively blocking and limiting her powers so that she could grow into them changing the way they developed, it's also a fact that when the Phoenix first made contact with Jean as a young adult it forever changed her being, so not thinking her powers would turn out different without any outside influences is close minded and unimaginative.

@koays said:


The purifier storyline continues nowhere. And it's not about what the adult X-men would or wouldn't allow them to do (because allowing them to stay as long as they did is head scratching enough) it's about what they declared there motives for remaining to be. They said they wanted to change this future, they said they wanted to fix it or avoid it. They spend large amounts of time just doing nothing at the JGS or the NEW Xavier school between adventures doing nothing to effect the 616 and all of the issues they have faced came after them. If you're reason for risking time and space is to effect the future then maybe you should have an adventure where you try to effect it instead of another one where you are effected by something random that has little to do with your motive for staying. They don't need to solve all the problems but they should be the proactive ones not the reactive ones.

The purifier story ended because they won that day and then other more pressing matters happened(Also not every story needs to go on forever). Jean Grey gets kidnapped like 8 houirs later and they are supposed to do what exactly? "Sorry Jean we need to see if we can find more leads on the purifiers" Literally every time they are not getting attacked they are shown training then running off the second something is altered to them. The whole time they were at the JGS they were just trying to understand what was going on. If you're going to focus on a reason they had in the beginning of the book at least take a second to think about the perspective they had on everything(they were totally ignorant) . Battle of the Atom's whole point is to reveal the real reason Jean doesn't want to go back is she doesn't want to die, and all five of them just don't want to accept that their destiny is predetermined.

@koays said:


The fact is, with all the X-books out there this is the one book where the characters should be actively trying to effect the world. Instead they are basically continuing their whacky 60s adventures by traveling to a completely different Universe.

Unless you're the writer you don't get to decide what the book is about.

@koays said:


And if there not the same people then why are they capitalizing off of the names, relationships and comparisons too there older selves? Jean's fight with Emma basically went "I'm not the Jean Grey you have a prob with. Now watch as I am visually upset and react in rage at something that happened to her, while proclaiming how I'm not her" it's a conflict that ends in blatant contradiction on purpose because as much as they try to fight it they are the same person.

Well so far all of the pairings are different. Jean and Scott never really got started. Hank and Jean was being teased, Angel is with X-23, and Cyclops even liked X-23 more then Jean. Jean and Emma had issues because she like you was looking at her as the same person when she isn't. Jean still has feelings up in the air about Scott after he left for space and if you really can't understand how seeing someone you think you will end up with not only cheats on you but choose someone else in another life it can be upsetting. Peter Parker in Spider-Men went to the Ultimate Universe and met Ultimate Gwen Stacey. They both ended up crying and neither of them were the same people they knew. I mean to try and say it doesn't make sense for people to have big reactions to seeing an alternate version of something who is very close to them has to be coming from either a lot of denial or ignorance about people.

You statement here is really more you not accepting but admitting to them being different people.

The capitalizing of the character is equivalent to the kind of capitalizing you see in ultimate comics. Ultimate Peter Parker =/= 616 Peter Parker, but we still get to see him with MJ and Gwen and stuff and it sells books.

It's been explained in various X-Factor, Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four books that to make a parallel reality all it takes is on change in events. What's happened to theses kids is well beyond the point of one change now.

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@koays said:

@hawk2916: @night4345: @starwatcher:

Lol thank you, thank you. Join me next week when I attempt to describe AvX using only synonyms for stupid.

@teerack said:
@hawk2916 said:

@koays: Lmfao!! That is awesome and so true. I dont think we need to call them anything other than another poorly executed idea.

What's poorly done about them other then Battle of the Atom? They're pretty much completely different characters from their older counterparts except for Bobby.

Well just for starters the Trial of Jean Grey was very poorly written and filled with plotholes. But more importantly the entire premise of "O5 X-Men stay in the present to help improve their future" has been completely ignored since they aren't doing anything to improve their personal futures or the current 616 at all. Plus the two threats they've faced that were current X-Men villains were forgotten about right afterwards despite being major things they could've focused on fixing in the present. Even if they are different characters the story isn't treating them like it since all they do is whine about the future of the characters they don't want to grow up to be....there's alot thats poorly executed with this book.

You're really grasping at straws here man. All of the issues with the trail of Jean Grey had to do with Gladiator and the Shi'ar, but there was nothing wrong with the original five. The second complaint about the kids not focusing on the other villains they went up against makes it seem like you aren't aware there are like 10 x-men books right now? All of those story lines continued just not in All-New and if they did continue in All-New it would have only be out of stupidity since the adult x-men aren't going to go "LETS KEEP THROWING THESE UNTRAINED KIDS AT OUR MOST DANGEROUS VILLAINS LOLOLOL." They're still learning. Hank has already confessed openly to everyone that he lied to get them here in hopes of scaring Scott straight, and since then they have tried to send them back and can't and are now just part of the present 616 continuum. What would you do in order to have them fix the present? Just have them go kill the red skull in issue 10, kill sinister in issue 11, and have Scott Summer elected president in issue 13? They're kids and they have hardly had any time to catch their breath since the start of the series, so saying they have forgotten all about fixing things is a bit crazy. They also don't whine about who the become except for Bobby. Warren is scared of what happens to him, Jean is angry about what happens to her, Hank is disgusted in himself, and Scott doesn't seem to care either way. I don't think it could be any more clear that they all want to be their own person. I mean literally Bendis has spelled out in the book multiple times they aren't the same people and that they consider themselves their own person.

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@erik said:

@raffels said:

This is confusing, he has shown a lack of tolerance and hate towards a religion and those who are believers but I am the one getting warned for defending a religious person expressing what he believes in based on his religion? Anything that strays away from that persons religion and enters hate like wishing death, calling a gay person a gay hate word etc. I have a big problem with too!

  • Saying that I don't like religion isn't hate speech.
  • You are saying that someone should be able to express themselves however they wish, so long as it's within their personal interpretation of their religion. That's pretty absurd.

I'm just going to have to say this one last time I'm ok with someone expressing their beliefs in public not in the work place. Ok then do you get it finally?

  • I never failed to understand your argument. It's just that this statement doesn't align with your previous opinions.

I hope you do get a real job and I'm not sure why you're gloating about living off tax dollars in college as a grown man?

  • What are you talking about? I was thanking you for putting me on the path to outrageous amounts of money while investing financially, very little in my own education.

Well I do but I work for my money considering my salary is paid by tax dollars.

  • You do what? Yes, state and federal jobs exist. I am aware.

Several times you have accused me or worded it in a way that I have said something hateful towards gays.

  • That is not true. Every single time I have pointed out thinly veiled hate, I used your own words to support my argument. Every single time.

The previous example of you accusing me of saying hate speech is ok in the work place is false when I have specifically said it wasn't.

  • Maybe you should read your own post then. Want me to quote it again?

I've said previously to you that I would punish someone in the work place for trying to force their religious beliefs in the work place, did you forget again?

  • I never forgot. Once again, your posts are just contrary to one another. You want someone to be able to express hate-speech without consequence. In other words, you want hate-speech to be protected at the expense of the people that it is used against.

Judging someone by their religious beliefs compared to judging someone by their sexual preference is somewhat similar. You bash on someone's religion is bashing on their whole way of life almost everything they are and hold value. Do you get that?

  • No it's not. Like, not even a little bit. Religious belief is an idea. Sexual attraction is not. You probably think Pray the Gay Away is an effective and psychologically sound tool too. Speaking of hypocrisy, saying that someone should be able to express hate-speech free of consequence, then saying that no one should attack your religion because it makes you feel bad is pretty laughable.

I haven't said one thing to bash gay people but you have bashed my religion and to pretend that wouldn't be personal to some members here is yes being hypocritical. From your own words how can I think you are tolerant at all of someone who is religious but yet you act like you are the tolerant one in this convo.

  • Once again, saying someone should be able to spew hate-speech without penalization akin to saying it yourself. It's a less overt, more auxiliary way of attacking a person. This is where you are wrong yet again. Attacking an idea is not being hypocritical.
  • Lol I never once said I was tolerant. In fact, I believe I made the specific statement that I am intolerant of intolerance.

I won! :D

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@teerack: I dunno about that, Inferno has potential.

Yes because what Marvel needs is a another Human Tourch(Jim Hammond, Johnny Storm, Toro, Nova, Magma, etc.).

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That robin creeps/grosses me out.

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I don't like that they changed the art style for this show... it better be just for this one episode. :(

The Looney Tunes Show is one of my favorite cartoons right now. I haven't seen a new episode in a while.

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Because of present stuff in Marvel I find it hard to believe the Badoon couldn't be stopped by these guys.

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So far this book hasn't introduced any good characters. The only cool new inhuman so far is Ms. Marvel, and then that guy from New Warriors was alright.