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We should believe telepaths.

Because nobody knows your self better then a third person.... /sarcasm

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How do so many of you not know what ultimate end is? o.o

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What? Reincarnated Mutated Turtles don't get to take their clothes to heaven? Only humans do. That's racist.

Wasn't he also a human in a past life? Must be some kind of legal clause in the reincarnation system regarding mutagen forms.

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@g_man: Are you guys going to post a news article about Donnie being dead? I mean... a ninja turtle DIED! That is bigger then Spider-Man dying because the odds of him coming back are a lot less.

They did. Nearly a month ago.

Ah, okay. I missed it.

I wonder if this will elevate Casey. Like maybe he will wear a purple hockey mask and rap his grips in purple to kind of honor him, and become more of a core part of the 4.

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There goes all my hope for the DC cinematic universe. Sorry.

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@teerack said:

After how great this book has been I'm starting to get curious about Mark Specter's life. I mean what does he do when he isn't being Moon Knight? I would be really sad if his whole life is now just this.

With this new Marvel NOW Moon Knight that Ellis kicked off, he's totally given into this "higher calling" as a warrior priest. Based on the the first issue, Marc's "life" consists of sitting in his cobweb infested, abandoned mansion having visions/hallucinations in the dark. Marc refuses relationships with anyone right now because they just wind up getting hurt or killed while Marc on the other hand cannot die, this stoic life is his curse. Yes it is sad.

Very well put.

With all of these ghosts in this series I wonder if maybe he might develop a relationship with a ghost... like maybe the ghost of Echo! :O

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@teerack: I know, right? Wolverine dying was actually a good thing, and Soule and McNiven were absolutely great at giving him a good end. Buy yeah, I wish he was alive for the end of the multiverse. But with Secret Wars you never really know...and he'll be back after Secret Wars, though he'll probably be very different, like Thanos (I expect the all new "Infinity Gauntlet" Thanos to make it out alive. There is no way Thanos could be a villain again after trying to save the multiverse, even though he tried to so so in a cruel way)

I wouldn't say that. Thanos doesn't save everyone to be the hero. He has saved the galaxy and even the universe in the past, but it was just because it so happened to align with his goals. If the Beyonders are a threat to Lady Death then Thanos will react and if he just so happens to be a hero for it so be it, but If his characterization is done correctly he wont care how people see him and he will continue to move towards his next goal regardless of who has to suffer for him to get there.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Well this is news from like a decade ago but let me piece some stuff together for you.

This is from an old wiki post.

"Production on the show was halted in 2004, but it was never officially canceled."

"Cartoon Network ordered fifty-two episodes of Samurai Jack, which were aired as four seasons as a prime time member of the Cartoon Cartoon block of programming. Despite its Emmy nominations and wins the show was taken off of the air before the fourth season could complete its initial run. The unaired episodes were later shown as a Toonami special, on Toonami Jetstream (on Cartoon Network.com), and in re-runs."

Combined with this from an old wiki post.

Series creator Genndy Tartakovsky left Cartoon Network to form a new company called The Orphanage.

then there was also Mako(the voice of aku) dying back in 2006.

On the current wiki it says the original creator got the wrights from CN to make a follow up movie to end things and was in pre-production in 2012, so maybe it will be ended some day.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: After the creator said he didn't want to do anymore stories in it. They had their whole last season to make an ending, but chose to leave it open so the world never ended.

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Samurai Jack, because it never got a proper ending.

Because it never ended. They left it opened so they can just endlessly add more to it with comics or w/e.