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@teerack: Na. It says morals apply. That means morals are on.

It's sarcasm from him.

Even with morals on she could do the same sorta thing with barriers inside of their body in a much less lethal amount. For example putting just a small golf ball sized barrier around your lower intestine would feel like you were having a severe case of chromes disease resuting in uncontrollable throwing up and enough stomach panic to cause people to faint. That would just be one thing she could do THROUGHOUT the entire fight while she is cutting off their air supply and hitting them with invisible walls while Nammor runs around hitting them as well.

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Seriously this poll is so wrong... Sue could solo them... I would agree Aquaman beats Namor, but Sue can solo the Avengers and Doctor Doom in the middle of Latvaria... this poll is completely wrong.

This is a moral off fight which means she can literately make a barrier in between your skull and brain and kill you in seconds...

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I'm going to sound like a hater here but I don't really care:

Take Silk away and bring Kaine Parker back.

Kaine > Cindy any day.

Based on the way New Warriors ended it really wouldn't shock me if they already have plans for Kaine and are just waiting till after Spider-Verse and Secret Wars have passed before starting it up.

And I'm pretty sure Yost is only on Amazing X-Men just for the one arch so it kind of supports the theory since he is one of their best writers and they don't have him on anything right now.

It s still feel so uncanny to me how young Speedball and Vance are supposed to be after Civil War and what became their original partner Nova.

Kaine, Vance, and Speedball are in their mid 20s. Same with most of the classic New Warriors. They are just always treated like kids enough they aren't like how Cap and Wolverine some times refer to Spidey as kid when he's close to 30. They even make fun of this fact not so long ago in Avengers Arena when the other teens looked at Darkhawk and were like "There's no way you're still a teen hero man you came up with the new warriors..." and he was like "Yeah I'm actually 25..."

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I saw these and thought it was pretty helpful.

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They did a good job syncing this story up with the Throne of Atlantis movie's release.

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@koays: I felt like in the start of Amazing X-Men it was staring Firestar which I found super interesting and different, but then her book got high jacked by the Nightcrawler mediocrity and then had a terrible wolverine story with wendigos because some editor probably walked in and said something like "WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING? WOLVERINE IS DYING! WE NEED TO DO ONE MORE WOLVERINE STORY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!" I would like if the book got back to the focusing on Firestar.

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@bigman1227: What ground work are you talking about that goes back to 2009? Age of Ultron was 2013 which was pretty much the start of this all.

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People complain marvel spoils all their events/stories. When they don't people cry and panic they don't know what's going on. /guffaw

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@koays: Can you believe Yost is writing Amazing X-Men now? I didn't think Marvel cared about the non Bendis X-Men books to put any of their big talent on them. I'm pretty happy about it, and I hope he writes more about Firestar because I loved how he wrote Justice in New Warriors and would love to see him maybe try to rekindle their relationship in AXM. It would also be cool to see Justice do some stuff with the X-Men since he is a mutant that has never had anything to do with them.

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Nightcrawler is ending to no ones surprise.