Mona Lisa is a beast...

Well, it is if you weren't around for the first run at it, anyway.  I'm still in need of more comments on my pic - if anyone could hit
and just throw in a quick post, I'd appreciate it!  If you're still working on the quest, drop me a line and I'll repay the favor.


Wow, you step away for a week...

...and you miss a lot!  I've been helping my girlfriend recover from her knee surgery, which went well, and I find that I've missed out on a new quest!  Holy crap!  Granted, this dovetails nicely with my plans to work on the pages for PS238, but it was definitely unexpected.  After seeing a couple of those hidden quests, I must say I get the feeling it's going to take a while to finish this one...

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Who sets the limits on the quest bonus points?

I mean, seriously?  1000 users to finish a quest which requires one to not only get a follow from a mod but also get 1000 profile views?  And only seven days to do it?  The powers that be do know we're in the middle of back-to-school season, when the people with the most free time in the world are going to be away from the internet, right?