Why I'm Actually Looking Forward to Beware The Batman

I know many people are hesitant about the series, because it's awfully bizarre. Katana is Batman's sidekick instead of Robin, and the villains are an unusual mix of obscure characters that many have probably never heard of. And, the Joker will not appear at all. However, the reason why I appreciate it's existence is because of my usual problems with sticking close to comics in the adaptions: it's pointless. That's why I generally dislike the recent DC animated movies. If I wanted to read The Dark Knight Returns, I would read The Dark Knight Returns. There's no reason for me to watch something I've seen before. If an adaption is too close to it's source material, I feel that it's existence is useless. That's why I enjoy the Christopher Nolan movies so much. Besides his stellar writing and his clear understanding of Batman, it feels like something genuinely new. This is why, unlike most people, I'm fond of the Nolanverse Bane adaption, despite his dissimilarities with his comic character.

Back to Beware the Batman, it's honestly trying to be something new, and risky. It's taking a chance, but it's doing it to give us something different than we're used to, and to break up redundancy. I don't think the series itself will be great, but it may pave the way for other, riskier, more unique adaptions of comic properties in the future.

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