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I'm done with this website. Tony is so f***ing tiresome. You are the "cranky old comic book fan" who can't realize things like this need to happen to keep our superheroes a franchise and alive for 75 more years. Just f*** off with "Not a Superman film" and fell short.

Done here.

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@batnandez said:

@ghidoran: tony loves him some Snyder though

Quoted for truth. Its a shame a reviewer can't review things on its own merits.

@biteme_fanboy said:

It was a real great comic. I was a bit nervous at first, but it looks like Swampy is going to continue being a good comic.

Too sudden to come to Metropolis? Wut?

I know right, Too sudden is redundant its been friggin 19 issues of Swamps on his own, how on earth it is "Too soon" is beyond me. But oh well thats @g_man for you.

I think it's saying something about the review when the majority of the commenters do not agree with the review and ACTUALLY have some good points to back it up instead of the usual internet trolling stuff.

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How many times has this happened since the New52 relaunch now? Eek

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Torn between YJ and GL. Chose Young Justice in the end.

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My scripting exercises (as I am an aspiring comic creator.) all consist of mostly young-Bruce/training to be batman Bruce stories. So I personally would love to read (and write) something like this.

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Hey guys, good job on the podcast. I have a pretty heavy question (Tony I would appreciate if you read all of it on the podcast :))

I illegally download comics. Now, before you all go crazy here me out:

I still go to the Comic book story. I still buy Comics. I just don't buy the "Big Ones".

Titles like I, Vampire, The Shade or Punk Rock Jesus that have AMAZING STORIES do NOT get the recognition they deserve in terms of sales. Same goes with female lead books like the now canceled X-23.

Here are some numbers for you:

January 2013:

Batgirl - 77,000 copies sold.

Wonder Woman - 41,000

Red She Hulk - 18,800

Batgirl's quality of story pales in comparison to Wonder woman and Red She Hulk now before you mention "Anything with a Bat sales more" Batwoman - 34,000 copies and it still blows Batgirl out of the water in quality.

Similarly: Daredevil sold 36,000 whereas Thunderbolts (44,000) a vast difference in story telling quality and art.

I, Vampire sold 12,300 in terms of quality it destroys something like Worlds Finest (30,300) or Red Lanterns (38,000) that out sell it.

So, I go to the store and buy comics that I LOVE in terms of STORY and ART. Titles I want to stay on the shelves. I don't buy All New X-Men, Batman, Avengers ect. I illegally download these titles as Batman or Avengers aren't going to get cancelled whereas sadly titles like I, Vampire are.

Not all of us have ever expanding wallets so i'd rather SPEAK WITH MY MONEY and buy titles that I want to stay, rather than 10 X-Books or 5 Batman books.

My Question is, where do all you guys stand on this: Morally and Logically?

Thanks for your time.

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So Cyborg still hasn't got his own title and two of the JLA do? What?

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Both. Read most likely. Write maybe.

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Is there a list of ongoing Marvel Genesis series?

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Hi guys.

Awesome Job on the podcast and I would like to say first and foremost Corey I love your humor! You are very witty, quick and quirky and I would like to see the other two play off your humor more instead of leaving you to nervously laugh while they remain silent as I believe it would add more to the podcast; the occasions when Tony and Sara have done so have been brilliant.

On to the question: Can you recommend any great BATMAN animated movies? Aside from the obvious BATMAN: YEAR ONE, as I watched this and enjoyed it and am excited for The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. I wonder if you have any recommendations? Also, whilst I love and will always want Conroy to be the voice of Batman, who else do you think does Bruce/Bats justice?



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