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Trust no one 5

Tim Seeley and Tom King continue their work on Grayson by taking us deeper and deeper into the spy world with every issue. Things have changed a lot since Helena Bertinelli became the director of Spyder because it seems like we are now seeing Dick becoming more and more a spy. And as you might expect from a spy-centered book and story, there's a lot of twists and turns and moments when you cannot simply know if you can trust a certain character. Sometimes that is annoying because you want to kn...

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Monster or an innocent child? 6

The issue's story unveils more and more the true nature of Emmy and what she is destined to become. Most of the issue is centered around her and her friend Bernice trying to run away from the county's citizens who are going after Emmy because she is finally starting to become the witch she is supposed to be. We might know the truth about Emmy and the witch that died years ago, but there's still a mystery going around the whole town and Emmy's future. None of the character, or we - the readers, ...

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Is Jim a good Batman? 4

It's been two months now since Jim Gordon became Batman and he has been rocking the mantle in a few other DC books as well. He's getting more experience with every issue and is becoming more and more Batman, at least for him and his supporting cast. Things are moving on pretty quickly and now he's even getting his very own arch nemesis, for now, in the face of Mr. Bloom, who we still haven't seen. And as always, there's lots and lots of action for a book in which stars Gordon Batman.Now as I've...

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Imperfect God 4

The event continus and the story and the world of Doom unfolds itself more and more with each issue. This time around we have an examination of the dynamic between Doctor Strange and Doom. As always the creative team doesn't disappoint and crafts a beautiful story both in terms of verbal action and artistic one as well. The story contained in this issue is truly important as it is an essential character defining issue in which we learn more about Strange and how he perceives Doom and his idea.I...

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"Up is down and black is white" 4

So, it's been a few issues now since Jim Gordon became Batman. He's had his share of appearances in a few books and in all of them there's been a lot of action going on. But this and the main Batman book have been his main books in which he shall star or at least co-star in this one. Manapul and Buccellato have turned this book to the old schoold Detective Comics in which the GCPD, and more importantly Harvey Bullock, Renee Montoya and others are the stars of the show.Brian Buccellato and Franc...

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''Black Canary'' 2

Dinah Lance a.k.a Black Canary is one of the characters that after the reboot has suffered a lot. Her character seems completely erased and she is no more the one and true Black Canary that I simply adore from the pre-Flashpoint universe. However, I couldn't stop myself from reading this simply because I was interested in the direction it was going to take. So, we all know that Dinah Lance isn't the same as the pre-Flashpoint one. Her character has actually taken a turn in behavior in the New 5...

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Teen Drama NON-STOP! 0

I have been jumping on and off this title a lot throughout time but I have said that I should read it until Uncanny X-Men #600 comes out, where and when Bendis will end his run on one of the classic Marvel teams. His run has been a hit and miss from me, mainly here, in All-New X-Men. Now I will stop talking about the series as a whole and will continue on with the issue itself.Now I would like to start off with the problematic spots of the issue. As much as it is inevitable, there is too much t...

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Never again 3

So far I have been really into these Futures End tie-ins. They have all been really engaging and were a really really emtoional ride for me. I really love almost all of them but this one, after finishing it, is in a special place in my mind and heart. I really love that writer Ray Fawkes is showing to us that even after 5 years Batman still isn't over Damian's death and that he is still mad at the Heretic, and when another creature that might be him appears he goes nuts and seeks revenge ones a...

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Does something happen here?Nope 0

After the X-Men met a new mutant they all got transported to some other places immeadiately, some went to the Savage Land and others in Latveria but you would think that they would encounter Doctor Doom and dinosaurs, nope they are in the Ultimate universe. They still encountered dinosaurs but also Wolverine's son and rather than Doom himself, Doombots. But out of all of these interactions the most interesting nad important one was the Jean Grey one, she met Miles Morales and they had an interi...

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Smartest in the Room?I think not 0

Things have been unveiling themselves lately and it all seems to be part of Hush's master plan. Every single villain that has appeared and every single police officer seems to be under Hush's orders and he is doing this whole big thing to Gotham. And as every issue, we get spotlight on different Bat related characters that have something to do with everything that is happening, and this time it's Stephanie Brown.It has been a while since we last saw Stephanie because the last few issues all wer...

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