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I liked the issue but I am just tired of Snyder introducing someone from the past of each character he uses and the guy from the past reveals something shocking that changes the status quo of the character. He does that in every single book he's written and it's getting ridiculous because it seems to be the only thing he is doing.

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I've gotta say, I was really surprised of how good this issue really was. At first I was really disappointed of all of the stupid stuff that were happening because they were just too much for me but right after the conversation between Creed and Wade in the bar the issue became amazing.

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John Stewart,he is beyond perfect for that role.

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Why don't you get her Saga, Rucka's Wonder Woman or Azz's Wonder Woman(if she doesn't have them) and try Lazarus.

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Every character I hate deserves it.

Especially Jean Grey.

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I think that even Daken may be just too much for Ultimate Steve but I am not really that well educated on him after the second volume of The Ultimates but I have to say that he will stop at Creed or Cyber.

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The last few issues are pretty mixed bags for me. As much as I like the action packed issues and the new character that is Silk everything else just seems awfully bad. I have been a pretty big "hater" of Slott's work after Superior Spider-Man happened and he continues to disappoint me a lot.

His Felicia Hardy is looking terrible while his last portrayal of her was amazing and she was looking as a great character once again while now he completely changed her into a whole new character that just doesn't seem like her. Also his Peter interpretation currently sucks so much that I can't even describe it. He was making Peter look like a genius before Otto got into his body and now he seems like a dumb teenager who doesn't know what he is doing, also the whole big romance between him and Silk is like the Superman/Wonder Woman thing all over again but it's actually way worse.

There's only one good thing about all of this, we might see Morlun's return soon but I guess he will be pretty out of character as everyone else under Slott these days.

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Soule is just so damn good with Wolverine. I really want him to write a Wolverine ongoing later when Logan comes back, he just gets the right feel and everything about Logan.

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I started reading this book just because of your reviews @inferiorego and I read all of the issues for three days. I am exactly as you say, I am glued to this book and my interest is never ending, the sad thing is that I've read all of the issues and have to wait for another month for the next issue.

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@laflux: I do hope that it's at least fun like Aaron's run on Wolverine & the X-Men but if it isn't then they are on my list with most disappointing titles out there.

Same here man.