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I have grown to like Snyder's Batman run but I think he is kinda doing stories that are way too huge. I don't have a problem reading amazing Batman stories but I think it seems like every single one of them is too long(this one is going to be 10 issues) and is always groundbreaking. There are times when I want to read a calmer and still energetic, action packed and a mysterious Batman story.

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The most essential for me are:

  • Action Comics #40
  • Justice League United #10
  • Ghosted #18
  • Spawn Resurrection #1
  • Fantastic Four #644
  • New Avengers #31
  • Thor #6
  • Wolverines #10
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JAN150291 ACTION COMICS #40 $3.99


JAN150301 BATMAN ETERNAL #49 $2.99

JAN150264 CONSTANTINE #23 $2.99



JAN150269 KLARION #6 $2.99

JAN150224 NEW 52 FUTURES END #45 (WEEKLY) $2.99

JAN150299 WORLDS FINEST #32 $2.99


DEC140722 CASANOVA ACEDIA #2 (MR) $3.99

JAN150686 GHOSTED #18 (MR) $2.99

JAN150571 SOUTHERN CROSS #1 $2.99



JAN150614 WALKING DEAD #138 (MR) $2.99


NOV140843 ALL NEW X-MEN #37 $3.99

JAN150779 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16 $3.99

JAN150838 ANT-MAN #3 $3.99

JAN150872 DEADPOOL #43 $3.99

JAN150849 FANTASTIC FOUR #644 $3.99

JAN150769 HOWARD THE DUCK #1 $3.99


JAN150812 NEW AVENGERS #31 TRO $3.99

DEC140910 SILVER SURFER #10 $3.99

JAN150785 SPIDER-GWEN #2 $3.99

JAN150778 SPIDER-MAN 2099 #10 $3.99

JAN150742 STAR WARS #3 $3.99

JAN150830 SUPERIOR IRON MAN #6 $3.99

JAN150825 THOR #6 $3.99

JAN150867 WOLVERINES #10 $3.99

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Most of the time Namor looks pretty ugly and disgusting.

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@sc said:

@tdk_1997: I am not sure, I'd imagine Aaron does research myself. Many often accuse Brian Michael Bendis of knowing nothing about continuity or the past, but in blogs and interviews he often reveals that he knows a lot, but he will consciously choose to ignore continuity/past stories if he believes it creates a better story. Like Michael Avon Oeming is close friends with him and together they do Powers, Oeming also did a brilliant Ares mini - a few years later Bendis being a fan of Oeming's Ares brought him into his Mighty Avengers run but changed quite a lot about Ares and his son, retconning a fair but ad altering Ares characterization. Ditto he wrote Marvel Boy and Sentry differently to, to appeal to a broader audience. He wrote a piece explaining what changes he made to Noh Varr once too. As someone who prefers Oeming's Ares its annoying/unfortunate in one sense, yet far more people read and purchased Bendis Ares and Mighty and Dark Avengers and more people are probably more aware of that characterization of him. It is what it is. I know Aaron said he read every single Thor issue in preparation for his current run, I am inclined to believe him.

Oh and I agree with your last part as well.

I've always thought it was strange how Bendis has always appeared as a writer that knows a lot about most of the characters he is writing, but in the mean time he makes his own version of the character that most of the times seems like the character isn't acting as himself and people don't like it. Hell, I am one of those people too. There are many runs and books by Bendis that I enjoy and love but he is often a hit and miss for me, mostly because of his Avengers run. Aaron is one of the writers that I have always loved a lot for what they are doing, how well educated he is in the character that he has taken on and what amazing ideas he has in mind - but there are times when I can't even comprehend what he is doing and why he is even doing it.

I am glad that most of the points we talk about we can agree on.

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@sc said:

@tdk_1997: I believe he was drawing on themes of the supernatural/mystical, not the first time for Wolverine, just not something that doesn't happen often or involves specifically a possessed demonic X-Man going up against other X-Men. Biblical horror like the scene in Ghostbusters when one of them talks about the sea boiling and all that other type of crazy stuff. I mean Aaron also basically ripped on Suckerpunch for the following issues where X-Woman ran around Wolverine's head in special armors. Oh and sure, Wolverine has also been "omnipotent" (the issue where X-Men fought Horde for example) in stories, thats canon, he had "feats" under in them, many characters have had different powers and abilities throughout there history, doesn't mean the writer didn't think things through or that we as readers can't distinguish certain context behind stories.

Yeah I guess you're right. Aaron is one of those writers that doesn't do only basic research on the character he's writing about but he does a full scan of possibilities of what he can do with the characters and the themes he can at least mention. And now that you've mentioned it, where the X-ladies were all in armors and doing all sorts of stuff, it really all seems like it comes from a lot of side material that he just wants to add up to the story.

What I truly mean to say is, that he might have thought about everything but there are many occasions both in his Wolverine run and later in Wolverine and the X-Men, where things may sound logical for him and they are actually happening but just don't seem normal for the character's abilities or something else entirely.

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@sc said:

@tdk_1997: Oh, I'm not making any claims about whether he can or not. To me if a writer desires it then its so, just that the context in the Wolverine in Hell story arc Hellverine was doing all sorts of crazy power things, Colossus isn't suppose to have blood in his metal form, he is supposed to be completely organic steel/osmium like substance. Then again Iceman isn't suppose to be able to be knocked out by a bit of fire/flame either, the dude can exists as mist, so maybe Hellverine's powers will defy such things and make a rock bleed so to speak. With the Thanos example, thats probably more due to that eras/writers (Starlin's) perception of characters, its still valid naturally, but just don't expect all writers to have similar opinions on such things, or gauge what a character should be able to do based on what other comics in the past showed.

Yeah, the Wolverine Goes to Hell arc was a pretty strange occurance. Aaron can be a wonderful writer who makes awesome worlds and stories but at the same time he often doesn't think things through and there are inconsistencies like Colossus bleeding and Iceman being knocked out by fire, Namor drowning and etc. Of course he wanted to make things more visual and menacing but they turned out quite ridiculous. But hey, they are cannon and those are actual feats for Wolverine or at least the possesed version of him and all of those things happened rather because of the possesion or just because Aaron didn't think them through.

Wolverine stabbing Thanos is a bit ridiculous but as you said it;s because of the writer and also because of the era of comic books. I think, like you said, many writers will disagree of Wolverine being able to even hurt Thanos but hey, it did happen and it is yet again cannon.

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@sc said:

@static_shock: @jaken7: The Wolverine in Hell storyline had possessed Wolverine (aka Hellverine) demonstrate telekinesis, burn Iceman incapacitating him, resisting Magneto's powers, have his adamantium ripped from him, but them reset, boil a part of the ocean, drown Namor, rip off a Ghost Rider's head so on, and basically perform all sorts of other supernatural seeing creepy demonic stuff. The Colossus parts sort of are hard to gauge because of that. Also I do believe the part where Wolverine swings at him did make contact, but a glancing blow. The nature of cutting objects is about to do with resistance, the application and sharpness of one thing but also the consistency, shape and other things of the thing being cut/sliced. So variable outcomes as far as what can or can't be cut. There have been times Wolverine has been unsuccessfully attempted to cut Colossus, glancing scratches so on, but that wouldn't necessarily mean he can't cut him and there have been times that its been implied he could as well. My main point though being the Wolverine in Hell story arc had Demon Wolverine do all sorts of crazy out there things to basically establish a scary antagonist that even two Ghost Riders and Son of Satan had trouble containing.

I see where you are coming from, stating that during that storyline Wolverine was able to pull off many supernatural things, but I think with him cutting Colossus its nothing supernatural or impossible for him to do. Yes, maybe being possesed by a demon gave him a power boost, but back in the past he was able to cut Thanos without any amps or power boosts.

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When you think things are getting worse, everything goes back to normal and it becomes even better than ever.

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Yeah.... Themyscira doesn't stand a chance here. Not a single one of the amazons is capable of doing anything useful, except for Diana.