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I have to say that this issue was a thousand times better than all of the Soule issues combined together. This is the reason why I love Peter Tomasi's writing so much. He will make this book one of the top ones from DC.

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Both of them will probably be Anti-Reg since both of them don't trust the government that much and wouldn't want anyone to know their secret identities. But in the same time there is a higher chance for Batman to be Pro-Reg since he doesn't trust every single superhuman out there and would likely be Pro-Reg just because of that. And in the same time he would never do it simply because he would not side with the government or other authorities with so much power and will probably construct something like Brother Eye again.

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@rabbitearsblog: Exactly! They are just making them so they can gather all of the superheroes and make the comic sell well and they will get lots of money from that. The event has no memorable impact on the universe and it will be forgotten in a couple of years.

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1) Jay-Z

2) Nas

3) 2Pac

4) Notorious B.I.G.

5) Eminem

6) Rakim

7) Lil Wayne/Kanye West

This is the League I was thinking about as well.

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I think Marvel's logic and policy to have at least one or two events per year is one of the stupiddest ideas and decisions ever made in the history of comic books. A book cannot go on normally without being interrupted by some kind of an event and the ongoing book has to become a tie-in to that freaking, bad event.

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No,no and no. I really think that the directors and screen writers should stop using Batman characters.

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Batman: The Dark Knight by David Finch and Batman Cacophony by Kevin SMith.

Those two books are so terribly bad that I cannot believe it. I own both of those books and I am ashamed of that fact and that the editors actually let both of those writers to make those stories happen.

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I usually don't care because the other writers that have Batman in his hands just write him the right way. Even if I don't care I still get pissed whenever I see Johns lowballing Bruce and making him a person and a character that he's not.

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A typical Bendis letdown. The issue apart from being entertaining had nothing good on itself. I really though that it wouldn't be this disappointing but I guess I was really wrong.

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This miniseries and this issue particulary are amazing. The story is really entertaining and fun.