Has DC Made Kyle Rayner a Chump?

When Hal Jordan was resurrected in 2004, it seemed DC took more and more steps to raise his status as best Green Lantern while diminishing Kyle Rayner's importance as Torchbearer. Kyle kept the Corps alive despite being randomly picked by Ganthet to wield the ring. When he possessed the power of Ion he gave up the god like powers it provided in favor of bringing the Guardians back to life. With the recent retcons of the New 52, it's unclear if all of this is still in continuity. The fact that if it wasn't for Kyle the Guardians wouldn't even be around is completely forgotten, instead making it seem like they were never missing. That was a big deal and the Guardians would have to respect that, rather than trying to revoke his ring and banish him from the Corps. I know a lot of fans hate what Kyle represents in terms of editorial decisions of the 90s, but in-universe, he was kind of a big deal. Has DC cut the balls off (arguably) the Greatest Green Lantern?


What Could Have Been

DC has definitely dropped the ball with Sinestro's reintegration into the Green Lantern Corps. When it was announced Sinestro would be replacing Hal Jordan as the resident GL of the book, I thought we'd get to see Sinestro as the reluctant anti-hero, defending Earth while trying to figure out the next step of his ultimate plan. He should have replaced Hal as the Lantern of 2814 and been forced to deal with Earth-bound villains. Many of whom he's worked with before. Instead we just go right back into the same Sinestro Corps leakage that's been going on for some time. I am so bored with the multi-colored Lanterns. I think a book in which Sinestro is forced to be a good guy (and hates it) would have been a much better choice for the New 52.


Robin's Hood

Why does everyone seem to think the problem with Robin is that he's not bad ass enough? I think the Robin from Batman: Arkham City is totally ridiculous. The hood works for Damian because of the nature of his character, but for any other Robin it just feels unnecessary. He also has the shaved head from Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, and we all know how great THOSE Robins were. The appeal of Robin is his contrast to Batman. Batman is dark; Robin is bright. Batman is large; Robin is small. I think the last people to really understand Robin were Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Dark Victory offers a Robin who seems like he's 1/8 the size of Batman. They didn't shy away from Robin's characteristics, they embraced them. I love how Robin is depicted in that book. When I play Arkham City, it doesn't feel like that's Robin. It feels like it's just some guy in a hood. Why put Robin in the game if it's Robin in name only?

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