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@truemarvel: Great review, man. I would have not said it better. 9/10!

Although, I didn't enjoy Mera aswell. She was shoehorned in, and her romance with Aquaman, being that fast and shallow, made her look like just another female romantic interest, and not at all like one, if not THE most, bad ass woman in comics.

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This looks like a cash-in on Batgirl's new costume. It's bland and... ordinary, almost like Cosplay or something a teen would use to be a Spider Woman wannabe in that Universe. This is just bad.

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Is that a grown up Cessily Kincaid? She looks metalic, redheaded and vapid enough!

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Awesome art, great characters. Love to see the (old) New X-Men getting some love!

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@tchokes: Also, you say they ignored the character development, but this run is very respectful of what the previous writer did. Most of the time when a character gets a new team and goes through a change like this, most writers normally ignore what the previous writer did, and move on. However this series picks up where the last one left off, and in every interview the writers speak very highly of Ms. Simon and say they have plans for all the characters that were introduced in her run.

And yet, in the most important aspect of all, they are running short. This character is being deformed to fit some orders from above.

Look, I don't envy the creative team behind this. They were probably told to 'get Barbara back to her roots' so her fans could get behind her again, but it is the same characters like the New X-Men: there are a few moments in their stories in which going back to being tee hee lighthearted doesn't work anymore, not after what they have been through. Change is upsetting, and comic book fans like their stuff like it has been for YEARS. They don't dig change. It was an editorial decision to make Barbara... this again, and I feel it's a disservice to the character and YES it is ignoring past developments, even if they are mentioned. I want to be shown those things mattered, not told.

Now, should all characters go through life-changing grittiness? No. But that's Gotham, that's not Barbara anymore, and that whole thing just feels like it's pandering to the comic book audience that can't let things go.

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@crystalmaster said:

@captainmarvel4ever: not really, this new direction feels like Barbara if she never got paralyzed at all, Simone's run, ie her New 52 up till this point, was much more in line with the characters development

This book absolutely should've stared Stephanie Brown

Oh yea of little faith and misinformation,

Barbara has been through some very hard and awful times, but now it feels like it's time for her to move on and get in touch with her roots as a character. It's a fun ride, and I say we hop on and enjoy :)

That is a cop out that, honestly, just feels like 'Yeah, we are ignoring any character development and going back to her roots for the sakes of pleasing fans who can't get past them'.

It's like people can't accept these characters are supposed to change.

Solid, solid pass.

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• THREE MONTHS TO DIE, the loss of Wolverine's healing factor--all led to this, the single most important X-Men event of the decade

Even if he was going to actually die permanently, to pool anything Wolverine-centric as the single most important X-Men event of the decade is either idiotic or a testament to the lack of good content in the last decade. And... I'm pretty sure there have been good things in the last decade.

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This dialog for X is attrocious. Then again, she has become the female Wolverine... a bag of fail without any characterization =/

Also, why does X look like Michael Fassbender on that first picture? Noto's art is generally kick ass!

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I don't know! That last comic with them in the water was quite... non-conclusive!

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Awesome to see H'el get some more spotlight!

I am very, very intrigued to see what they are going to do with him, as he is not the "Rawr, rawr, must kill sh!t!" kind of villain. I wonder where his journey will lead him.

Also... I am kinda curious why they do not ditch the inverted symbol on his chest. I mean... it could have been a horrible burn scar he has from his times floating about on space or something, but everyone and their mother knows the truth behind it and DC's doubts on making him n52's Bizarro or not.

Anyways, awesome news! Uhul!