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Awesome to see H'el get some more spotlight!

I am very, very intrigued to see what they are going to do with him, as he is not the "Rawr, rawr, must kill sh!t!" kind of villain. I wonder where his journey will lead him.

Also... I am kinda curious why they do not ditch the inverted symbol on his chest. I mean... it could have been a horrible burn scar he has from his times floating about on space or something, but everyone and their mother knows the truth behind it and DC's doubts on making him n52's Bizarro or not.

Anyways, awesome news! Uhul!

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She has Irish roots and she is a redheaded teenager trapped in a body she hates! She has all the makings of a furious, rebelious girl!

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Or at least I hope. She has been on the backdrop of many books, but recently in X-Men 01 she was given not only dialogue, but something that could easily turn into something interesting (I sincerely hope her confrontation with Bling! isn't there for the sake of being there, although it could be).

What are your thoughts? What could have sprung their confrontation?

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@Cafeterialoca said:

I'm really, really, REALLY hopeful for this book.

I hope the team is awesome. (Please have Transonic.)

Transonic, Helion, Mercury, Rockslide, Anole... they all deserve a chance... and most of them have been sidelined for waaaaay too long...

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@lorex said:

G-Man I see you are drinking the Cyclops hater flavored kool-aid here. Everyone is painting Cyclops at the bad guy reciently. Yes he has had his judgement impared by the Phoenix Force but how come Jean always seems to get a pass for what she did as the Dark Phoenix but It seems like Cyclops is going to be held accountable for trying to fix the worlds problems when he had the power to do so. Also he did not force X-23 to do anything he asked her to join X-Force. I think restarting X-Force was the right decision at the time given the threats to Mutants that are out there, one only has to see the forces arrayed against the X-Men in Second Coming to know he made the right decision. As for encouraging Idie to kill that is pure bull. In Schism #3 he said and I quote "Do what you think you have to". While that is not exactly telling her not to kill anyone, he do not encourage her to kill. To be honest this scene was the victim of poor writing on Jason Aaron's part, of course the whole Schism storyline was poorly concieved and inplemented so its not surprising that the writing was not great as well.

I agree, man...

Painting Scott as a villain is such a cop out. The guy has been watching his race being wiped out ever since he was a young kid, and more and more he grew up to realize that other heroes didn't give a f*** (yeah, it might be because of crossovers being quite rare those days), only to hear that they were keeping their distance out of respect (AvX 1). He has done extreme things, but you can't deny the mutant kind is alive partly (and mostly) because of Scott. He might be crucified by a jury of his non-peers, but mutants know just how much they owe him, even if they can't forgive Scott.

All the things described about Scott in this article are spun 180 by bias, and even if comic book writting is stupid as s***, I still would like it not to be so.

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This is a piece of shit.

It lacks all the visual intensity that made the core material so awesome. And mind you, I am not one of those guys who were trying to torch the Watchmen or 300 or Sin City movies, saying they weren't true to their comics, but this animation here is a waste of everyone's time and money.

PG-13, softcore and Batman Animated-style of art for The Dark Knight Returns is watered down shit.

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@why_you_mad_tho said:

.....Liu is the one who turned Julian into a douche in the first place.And Liu had a chance to help Julian get back to the way he was before..but she wasn't interested in that. She wanted to have Laura Burn all her bridges with the xmen so she would jump ship to AA..where there she talks about how she was never friends with all those kids who saved her life..and cared for her.

Okay, this is fucked. I remember this line and it pissed me to no end. Cessily Kincaid (people might not remember her) was Laura's best friend for quite some time. She tried to reach into Laura's human side, and treated her like a girl when everyone was being hostile to her. Julian and her also had a ton of development, and for Laura to say that... it was shit writting. Seriously, and not only that, it was a slap to the face to anyone who believes that comic book 'characters' are worthy of any attention or following. These writers are just way too disrespectful to them for Laura, Julian or Cessily to be thought as characters.

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@Novemberx2: Because people will eat shit and ask for more, if it's in the movies and it's marketed well.

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This is shit.

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They should make a series of these:

"This is STUPID."

It would sum up their events pretty well.