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Seriously, I have no problem with Nightcrawler coming back, but afterwards, I hope Wolverine isn't on the team. The man is everywhere. This arc could have easily been in WATXM, seeing how the main cast is from his school, with the exception of Firestar.

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This issue was on point. The story is developing at a nice pace without it feeling like its dragging, especially since this is only the second part. The way Supes ended the battle was cool, plus it showed the level of respect everyone has for him: he's Superman, of course he wasn't in his right mind, and everyone saw that.

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I'm thinking that those are the teen titans dressed as their adult counterparts. It was mentioned that the teen titans fight back, maybe they figured since the league is "dead," it was their responsibility to carry on the names. Just a thought.

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Black Widow would win. Yes, they both have years of experience, but what really swayed my opinion was the fact that Ollie couldn't beat a man who only trained one year in Nanda Parbat. If a man with only a year of non-stop combat training can beat a man who spent 5 non-stop years surviving on an island, than Black Widow has this. Not only is she a combat expert, but I'm pretty sure she has spent more than 5 years doing survival training. Ollie is outclassed in this.

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Was gonna say it was too close, but then I remembered Snake Eyes has a better arsenal, not just swords, and has much more experience as far as I'm concerned. 6/10 Snake Eyes

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I have to say, I was sceptical about the new batwing, but the story so far is interesting. Good stuff, you can tell he's young by how he speaks.

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Wow, cats going hard in this thread. I would have voted stalemate if it was for one deciding factor: Nightwing's arsenal. In my opinion, NW is faster, been a trained aerialist since he was a child, they only showed him when he 10. Its safe to say he was doing it before that; his parents wouldn't put a green horn in danger unless he's been doing it for years.

Strength is probably a tie since they are around the same size and can accomplish similar feats. Speed and reflexes are probably a tie as well, with a slight advantage to NW just because he has been doing the superhero thing the longest. Plus NW fights smart, like Bats, so since this is a random encounter NW wouldn't just fight at full skill. He would assess DD level. If its too much, gadgets,nwhich are made to disoriented and overload senses.

Thus the winner, NW, but not by much.

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Batman vs Cyclops would be great, especially since they're both tactical geniuses.

Please don't do Batman vs Spiderman. Spidey would kill him.

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I'm waiting cor wildcat. They showed him in the second issue, so he would be a great addition. This series is nice.