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I have to go with Gojira for director, script is Cap, and visuals to BH6.

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Looks like Iron Man 4 featuring the Avengers. Looks entertaining though; I hope its good.

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Sweet! I hope the Static series is better than the comic. I bought the first issue of the New 52 and never bought another issue. The Milestone issues were good though. Hope this series works out.

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@rageex2: The hatchet wasn't buried, more like pushed to the side. I just call it drama for the sake, but you're right, it is mind boggling.

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I may be lost on some aspects of Wolverine's life, but why is Mystique there? I know they had a thing back in the day, but that was a while ago.

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I can dig this. I'm waiting for an Aquaman character of the month; that would be sweet.

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@cheesesticks: I'm glad it wasn't true too. Kitty was always depicted as seeing wolverine as a father figure. That would be very creepy.

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Good article, and its true that some people take these fights way too serious. It's also true that the writer can always make a case of why a certain character should win. I just hope that when they do, they base it off of the character's history, and not just to appease to the mob to sell the book.

That said, the JLA/Avengers crossovers were good reads, though I prefer the one where the fans didn't vote for the outcomes.

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@omnicrono said:

@wolverine08 said:


He has the speed and skill of Wolverine,

Gambit is no where near comparable in skill to Wolverine or anyone of that level of martial tier.

It was an analogy, and so it was not intended to be perfectly accurate. Gambit is a highly skilled cqc combatant, especially with his bo staff in hand. Much more so than, Cyclops. That was the point.

Cyclops' optic blast can be used in open and closed environment since he is able to control the intensity of the blast, from blasting skin off the Hulk, to making a bank shot in billiards. A staff is half of the equation. The other is H2H combat, which Cyclops has been formally trained in. The man has fought multiple opponents blind and has won. I'm not saying Gambit isn't a good fighter; being a street fighter gives him advantages, but we are talking about someone who has fought both Captain America and Wolverine and was able to hold his own. Plus, again, the key factor is that Cyclops knows Gambit's abilities very well since he lead him into battle. Cyclops wins.


No way is Scott "Slim" Summers stronger than Gambit either. Remy is by far and away the more athletic of the two in every way - including strength.

Let's see Scott balance himself on his index finger before we tout him the stronger one here.

Scott is really popular on the Vine. I've really no idea why. Remy should take this fairly succinctly.

Balance on an index finger does not mean one is stronger than the other; that's not a valid point. Bruce Lee did one finger push-ups. Does that mean he's stronger than Brock Lesnar, who benches 600 lbs? In the same case, being called "slim" doesn't mean one isn't strong. It just means the body make up is different. They're pretty much the same size if you look at them. Cyclops has been seen tagging multiple people with his blast while performing flips. I think that qualifies him as being just as athletic as Gambit.

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This will be close do to the set of abilities displayed, but Cyclops should take this, though it will be close. The interesting thing about this fight is that they know each others moves, but Cyclops has a more in depth knowledge of Gambits fighting style due to him leading Gambit into battle. Couple this with the fact that Cyclops has a better tactical mind (which allows him to see the big picture), the fight shouldn't be that long. The charged up cards will be a problem, but a deflection from the optic blast should suffice. Due to the optic blast, Gambit would not be able to get in close, but if he does, Cyclops has been trained to fight multiple enemies, and has fought people with a superior fighting skill than Gambit, thus Gambit shouldn't be an issue hand to hand, but it won't be easy. My money is on Cyclops.