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I didn't read the issue yet, but based on the preview, I doubt Xavier would give the school to Cyclops. They weren't on good terms before Xavier died.

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I'm good with all of this. Sam has to learn how to use the shield and compensate for lack of super serum.

Iron Man makes the logical progression of his character.

Female Thor make sense just because of the inscription on the hammer: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Thor could be her hero name. Even Thor had a different name in his human form.

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I don't understand people complaining about the size of the turtles when the whole concept of this franchise is based on fantasy. I'm looking forward to this movie, then I'll pass judgement after.

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Cyclops has been and still is the leader who makes the toughest decisions yet gets criticized for them. Even wolverine admitted he would follow Cyclops (before writers decided to pit them against each other for sales).

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A debate against two closely matched characters was well done. Close match indeed, but nah, I still say Cyclops. Good job either way.

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People underestimate Cyclops. When storm beat him, it was states he was distracted by his wife and newborn, plus latter it was stated that Madelyn was messing with his mind.

Yes, Cyclops is top H2H in the X-Men, he has beaten the team by himself before, plus fought well against Wolverine, and Captain America, which means he should hold his own against Batman.

The deciding factor would be optic blasts vs gadgets, so it will be close, but Cyclops should win 6/10 do to the ricochet shot, something Batman cannot predict.

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I originally voted to close to call, but after going over my comics, I have to say Batman loses 6/10 times. A very close fight, but I believe Cyclops takes it. It comes down to the optic blasts.

They're both tactical geniuses, so that is too close to call. Cyclops has been in charge of the X-Men since he was a teen, and X-Factor for some time. Batman lead various variations of the Justice League. They both fight intellectually, so the argument of Batman being smarter doesn't stand that well since tactic smart and quantum physics smart are two different things (Beast is smarter than Cyclops, but can he lead a team to victory? Not the same).

Yes, Batman is one of, if not the, best fighters in DC, but Cykes is no joke either. He held his own against Wolverine, and Captain America. As @opticblast has shown, Cyclops can fight "blind," so anyone saying "all Batman needs to do is remove his visor," really didn't read up on Cyclops; and if you were refering to what Storm did, it was already stated that Madelyn Pryor was manipulating him in that fight (and before that Cyclops was detracted by his new born. I can assume that won't be a factor in this fight).

Cyclops also has spacial awarness, and as shown in various fights, has a ricochete shot. Since this is a random encounter, Batman would not know this, and would more than likely get hit. The blast are concussive, so I believe a blast that can knock out Wolverine, knock the skin off the Hulk (see WWH), and punch a hole in a mountain, can tackle Batman.

Ofcourse , Batman has his gadgets, various gas pellets, electric shocks, etc., which can sway the fight, but that could only account for a handful of victories. Again, very close fight, but I believe Cyclops wins by a hair.

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Always been a fan of Aquaman, glad this series is doing him justice. And Topo rocks!

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I call bull plop, but its whatever. Ollie should have lost, though it would have been a good fight.