Batman Reading List

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Posted by TheGoldenOne
Awesome list. What every Batman fan should read.
Posted by tbone1225

Thanks for the comment/recommendation. I think I now need to specify that it is a Batman reading list from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Flashpoint.

Posted by deathpixie60

You've got some really great story lines to read. I loved the Long Halloween and The Man Who Laughs and the even more recent titles like Batman and Robin and the return of Bruce Wayne were awesome, too, just to name a few that I've read. =D

Made any headway on this list since you first posted it?

Posted by tbone1225

I've gotten through The Long Halloween. Cataclysm may take some time. I've paused the Batman reading to get up to Flashpoint with Green Lantern. I'm currently in the middle of Blackest Night.